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Find Out What You Need to Know About Shichida and Heguru Kindergarten

Find Out What You Need to Know About Shichida and Heguru Kindergarten

I have heard of many right brain schools available in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Australia and others.

Being a mother, right brain education caught my interest as I found out it helps strengthen family’s relationship and it can train my daughter’s creativity.

It can also help my daughter achieve her future goals and ambition.

I have been wondering how to decide on the best school for my son and would like to share the knowledge I’ve found with other parents.

The best time to start right brain education is when your child is between 4 months to 3 years as they use their right brain during that time.

Your child is also able to handle a lot of information at an amazing speed. “Shichida Method” and “Heguru” are the two most established right brain schools in Japan. The following are some information I managed to find:


Available: Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia & Australia Age: 4 months – 6 years


Available: Japan & Malaysia Age: 4 months – 12 years

The lessons are conducted once every week for an hour. However, we parents are required to do work at home, like:

Flash Cards Mandala Eye Training Speed Reading ESP Photographic Memory Others

Both the Heguru and Shichida Method school’s aren’t able to provide us parents with teaching materials and we have to buy them ourselves.

If there aren’t any right brain schools in your area, you could still teach your child as there is a lot of information available online.

Just conduct some research to find suitable products online, buy them and start teaching your child.

Right brain education helps your child’s growth and it’s best to make use of the first few years of your child’s childhood to educate and nurture them.



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