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Five Things You Shouldn’t Do When Web Publishing

Five Things You Shouldn’t Do When Web Publishing

These are five things to avoid when making websites or web pages. Avoiding these five steps should ensure a successful web site.

  1. Don’t make your site hard to navigate around. When making your first website people don’t often tend to follow any set of rules and this can result in an unorganized and messy site. Typical sites have a clear menu that stands out from the rest of the page. People visiting your site do not want the hassle of searching your entire pages to try and find links to other pages. The best places to place your menu are in the left or right column or the top of your site. Since most sites today have their menus located in these places, people have got used to this format. You do not want your visitors to feel uncomfortable.
  2. Never forget alternate text for any images, logos or menus. Sometimes files do not load properly or people disable images and without proper alt labeling your site can become useless.
  3. Do not add too many graphics and any other multimedia. Adding too much to a site can create chaos. Pages freezing, loading slow, or not even at all will be the result. Visitors will become frustrated with too many different things on the screen and will just want to leave. Many people do not own cable or DSL connections and loading all these extra graphics will take forever.
  4. Do not use content without permission. Many people new to the web publishing do not understand that taking other peoples content is not allowed. There is speculation that Google penalizes websites with duplicate content because it only wants fresh content and not re used and hashed information. However if you must use someone elses content you must give them credit.
  5. Try not to limit your audience. Try and code your pages to follow one type of markup that is accepted by the majority of browsers. Having this neat menu on your page that only works in Opera can be pretty useless since they only hold about 2% of the browser share.

Take into consideration these tips and you will have a successful site for years to come.

Source by Jonathan J Waller

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