Flash floods hit certain areas in KL, heavy traffic


Flash floods have come about in certain areas of the Klang Valley following a thunderstorm earlier this evening. The KL information department tweeted that various areas are expected to experience slow traffic as a result of the sudden and intense rain which has caused flash floods.

The affected roads are the following:

  • Jalan Damansara
  • Jalan Kuching
  • Jalan Travers
  • Jalan Pudu
  • Jalan Pantai Baharu
  • Jalan Raja Chulan
  • Jalan Parlimen
  • Sultan Iskandar Highway
  • Jalan Maarof
  • Jalan Pahang
  • Jalan Kepong

As such, if the route you intend to take is affected, delay your journey if possible, and avoid forcing your way through floods as it may cause significant damage to your vehicle.

Also highly recommended is the Special Perils add-on for your vehicle’s insurance coverage, as past floods in recent times have shown, vehicle owners without flood coverage face potentially massive repair bills.

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