Flower Girl Dresses for Babies


Babies are always the center of attraction wherever they go, even more so if they are the flower girl at a wedding, that’s why choosing baby flower girl dresses, is so important. Their charming smile and cute antics never fail to melt the heart of the guest at the wedding reception. Several factors will have to be taken into consideration in choosing the right dress as you will want a dress that matches the wedding theme, is comfortable and soft for baby’s delicate skin, and will not burn a hole in your pocket.

First, check out the venue where the wedding will be held. Do find out from the bride whether it’s an indoor or outdoor beach or garden wedding. You will not want your little one to freeze in a spaghetti strap bodice if the weather is chilly at an outdoor ceremony or to cover up her beautiful dress with a parka and a hood if the reception is held indoor. Ideally, a dress with a shorter length which falls around mid-calf would work better outdoor by preventing it from getting dirty and the option of floor-length baby flower girl dresses for a more formal indoor ceremony.

Next, the big question will be where to buy that perfect dress? You can check out stores like Macy’s, David’s bridal or a bridal store to see what looks good on your little angel. If you see something you like, check online to see if you can find a similar style at a discounted rate. Online shopping opens up a whole new world of baby flower girl dresses as the variety is endless. A note of caution when selecting the dresses, do steer away from some dresses with buttons or sequins as it might pose as a choking hazard for your little one.

Third, the quality of the baby flower girl dresses will have to be taken into consideration such as what fabric it is made of and if possible, able to be re-worn in another special occasion. Fabric such as polyester satin, taffeta, sheer chiffon looks chic and is washable too. With the wide range of dresses available online, it is possible to find one which will look good in this wedding and also worn for other celebration as well. It is best to purchase the flower girl dresses in a larger size, as babies tend to outgrow their clothes very fast.

Another point to consider is the ease of matching the flower girl dresses to the bridesmaids’ gown. This can be done by selecting a dress that is within the same palate of color as the bridal party. Last but not least, remember to take a picture of your little angel in her baby flower girl dresses so that you can look back on those sweet moments!


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