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Franchise Branding, Image and Drunk Driving

Franchise Branding, Image and Drunk Driving

Franchisee has a lot to do about image. Many marketers would agree that image is the single most important part of branding. In the world of franchising and brand-name extension franchisors and franchising companies must pay attention to details to ensure that their brand-name stands tall in the eyes of the consumer and customer.

There is probably no easier way to destroy a brand-name or image of a franchising company in a particular marketing region than to have a drunk driving accident with the company's name on it show up on the front page of the newspaper. It is for this reason and because I am appalled by drunk drivers that I decided to do what no other franchise or has ever done in the history of franchising; I specifically addressed the drunk driving issue in our company's franchise agreements. Below you'll find the clause that I inserted into each and every franchise agreement;

3.24.2 Drunk Driving

Franchisee agrees not to drink and drive a mobile car wash truck or drive a vehicle while towing a mobile car wash unit of the Franchised Business on a public highway when Franchisee may be over the legal limit of toxicity. Franchisee also agrees not to drive their personal vehicle in the manner described above. Such violation of the law resulting in the conviction of a felony or misdemeanor is subject to termination of the Franchise Agreement.

– – – – – – –

Perhaps this might be something you wish to address in your franchising company and you would be well advised to consult with a franchising attorney to see if this makes sense for your company as well. Perhaps they have a better idea of ​​the legality of this issue. My thoughts, were not as much the legal issue as a statement of how I feel as the founder of my company about drunk driving and image. There are certainly other ways to address this issue such as a clause about moral turpitudes and your franchise attorney can better advise you on this issue, please consult with them, as all I am not an attorney. Do consider this in 2006.


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