Gamers Are Reporting RGB LED Burn-In On Their GPU Backplates


Two Redditors recently experienced an unusual and uncommon problem with their desktop rigs involving the RGB from the RAM modules, and their GPUs. Specifically, the light from said RGB LEDs were leaving a very specific burn-in pattern directly on to the backplate of their graphics card.

Again, this isn’t something that occurs on GPU backplates often and based on the scenario, it is likely that the RGB burn-in is due to some LED diodes emitting UV light. Needless to say, it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to ensure that these lights are safe to view, especially since these lights can generate ultraviolet light between the 375 and 400nm spectrum.

Did my brother’s GPU get bleached by RAM?
byu/tychii93 inpcmasterrace

In the case of Redditor Defected Cat, the backplate of their RTX 4080 Super and RTX 3080 clearly show the affected area of the RGB LED burn-in. Honestly, we’ve seen wear and tear on components, but this is something else. Mercifully, it appears that the burn-in on the backplate looks to be cosmetic but if this is damage brought on by UV light, then the manufacturers of these RAM kits clearly have some explaining to do. That, and these Redditors will have to shut off the lights in the mean time.

The one detail that isn’t clear is how long the RGB burn-ins took. Again, we’re not saying that you should expect this sort of thing to happen to your card but given the layout of the effect, we’d say that the exposure period must have been quite long.

(Source: Reddit [1] [2])

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