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General Grabber HTS – Best SUV Tire

General Grabber HTS – Best SUV Tire

I’ve been researching the best tires for my SUV and I am very impressed with the General Grabber HTS.Consumer Reports and the Tire Rack rate this tire best. Tires are the most important safety feature of your vehicle – it is important to get a top performer. These tires are outstanding. Tire Rack ran 22 tests on these next to Bridgestone and Pirelli – no slouches in tire performance. The Grabber HTS was highest in EVERY test. Not only that but General engineered these with low rolling resistance meaning better gas mileage and better for the environment. AND they are priced affordably. Bottom line is that this tire has the best of all worlds.

I had assumed that low rolling resistance meant poor stopping – after all how can you have low resistance and still grab the road to stop. General figured it out. I can personally attest to the stopping power and grab of these tires. They performed exceptionally in a couple emergency situations. Reports indicate that the Grabber HTS also does well on snow and ice. Best yet, these tires are less expensive than many of the tires that perform worse. For me putting my wife and family on the best tires at the best price is a no brainer.

External Testing

The Grabber HTS is an SUV and Light Truck tire in the “all season tires” grouping.

This tire places General at the top of the list by Consumer Reports. Often there are trade offs between traction, rolling resistance, noise factors and comfort but the Grabber seems to be able to roll all the best qualities into one tire.

Consumer Reports is not the only source rating this tire highly though. FourWheeler Magazine tested the tires on the Ford F-150 4WD. Even though this is not a snow tire, they found the Grabber HTS to be very good in snow.

If you want to save money on your tire purchase these tires are priced on the lower end of the spectrum enven though their performance is tops. I found the Grabber HTS for under $100 I am looking at a 235 70R 16 for my Pilot and they are $96 each. I was looking at tires with worse performance in the $150 range from other tire dealers. My local tire dealer would have mounted them for me but the wait was too long that day. I drove to a big box retailer across the street to have my tires mounted. I saved money and got a lifetime balance and rotation. And I’ll be able to find one of these stores wherever I go.

Tested against two top brands, the Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenze and the Pirelli Scorpion, the General Grabber HTS was the clear leader. The Grabber bested these two top of the line tires in every category (except one tie with the Bridgestone in cornering).

Tested against the Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza and the Pirelli Scorpion STR – the General Grabber HTS was the WINNER in EVERY TEST below except the tie noted

Testing Categories

Ride comfort – winner

Noise Comfort – winner

Handling – winner

Overall Road Rating – winner

Performance – Dry Track – winner

Cornering Stability – winner

Steering Response – winner

Braking Modulation – winner

Handling Predictablity – winner

Overall Track Rating – winner

Performance – Wet Track – winner

Cornering Stability – winner

Steering Response – winner

Braking Modulation – winner

Handling Predictablity – winner

Overall Track Rating – winner

Slolam Time Dry – winner

Slolam Time Wet – winner

Lap Time Dry – winner

Lap Time Wet – winner

Stopping Distance Dry – winner

Stopping Distance Wet – winner

Average Cornering (g-force) Dry – tie with Bridgestone

Average Cornering (g-force) Wet – winner

Consumer Survey Results:

Rated against 68 other Light Truck / SUV Highway All-Season tires and based on consumer experience, the General Grabber HTS is the highest ranked among consumers purchasing this type of tire.

Tire Technology

Beside the performance the HTS demonstrated on the road, General also engineered the tire with a lower rolling resistance to get better fuel economy and thereby dropping CO2 emissions.

Major Tire Performance Technologies

The Grabber HTS is the flagship of the General Grabber line and it incorporates 4 key technologies that enhance the performance of this tire.

1. Duragen – Ultra-high strength steel belts, micro fiber casing reinforcements, and broader tire contour provides even wear, longer mileage and confidence in challenging conditions.

2. Adaptive Performance – Response Grooves, Stabilink Bars and 3 kinds of siping for enhances steering response and reliable performance

3. Comfort Balance – a tread cushioning and noise capturing system for a quieter, more comfortable ride.

4. Eco-Ride – Improved tire compound increases fuel economy and minimizes CO2 emissions.

Best Tires – General Grabber HTS

I love these tires. I honestly didn’t expect to experience a big difference in ordinary driving. I saw the tests and statistics and recognized that in emergency situations, bad weather and such that the Grabbers have tested to function the best. That is valuable to me because when I am driving in bad rain or have to stop quickly I want my tires to perform. However, improved responsiveness was evident immediately to me. The next thing I experienced is a noticeably quieter ride.

These tires get 2 thumbs up. My hearty recommendation!


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