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George Zalucki Revealed – An Insider’s Perspective On ACN’s Top Income Earner

George Zalucki Revealed – An Insider’s Perspective On ACN’s Top Income Earner

Senior Vice President and Circle of Champions member, George Zalucki is no stranger to success in direct sales. With an astounding track record of success in the network marketing industry, George has built sales teams in excess of 150,000 people racking up sales volumes of over 150 million Dollars a year.

George and his business partner, Art Napolitano earn over $475,000 a month with ACN and are some of the top income earners in the entire industry of network marketing.

But what has allowed George such an illustrious career and financial success?

George accredits his success to three things:

1. Having a clear vision. Without a clear vision it is difficult for an entrepreneur to achieve greatness. In order to achieve great success you must expect great success from your business enterprise. With a clear and powerful vision driving you forward you will have the stamina and mental fortitude to overcome the inevitable hurdles that life will through at you on your pursuit of success.

2. Leading by example. In order to achieve great things you must have a team of people around you that are dedicated and committed to achieving that goal. However, attracting the right people to you can be very difficult unless you are setting the right example. In order for people to follow your lead you must lead with integrity, hold an unshakable belief in yourself and in others, and be willing to do what you are asking others to do. If you are not down in the trenches, working along with your team they will begin to question your leadership. Leading by example is absolutely critical.

3. Keeping the business simple. One of the challenges that many entrepreneurs face is trying to complicate their business and reinventing the wheel. If you are following in the footsteps of people who have already had success then make sure you simply focus on copying the activity that those people engaged in to help them achieve their success. Keeping things simple and consistent is paramount to success. If you constantly look for new ways to achieve things without first mastering the tried and true techniques for success in your particular line of work you will waste a lot of time and struggle needlessly in your enterprise.

Throughout his own career George has proven the power of these three success principles. He has maintained an exceptionally clear vision of the future not only for himself, but for his family and his business associates. He always leads by example and has set a very high standard for personal integrity and commitment. He has also mastered the art of keeping things simple and has taught hundreds of thousands of network marketers these same three principles and strategies.

His impact on network marketing has extended well beyond his tenure at ACN as many industry leaders credit him with having a tremendous influence not only on their business but on their lives as a whole.


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