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Gold and Cadmium

Gold and Cadmium

Gold is a precious metal. This metal is liked by all people world wide. Recently the rate of gold has been rising up steadily and the prices of other commodities is calculated according to the rate of this yellow metal. Countries trade with one another, paying in the form of gold. Of all the trophies given in games, competition,and other activities, gold has the first place. Ornaments takes the first place in marriages. It is a solid asset which has liquidity, and helps at hard times.

What makes this metal valuable?

Its glittering yellow colour never fades, just as its value. Gold has flexibility and can be treated to thin sheets or wires. It is mined from the hidden rocks found underneath, and the cost for processing the metal is time consuming and very costly.

Golden bars or coins are otherwise called as Bullion. Bullion are mined by certain countries and sold in the world market. Bullion are pure gold which is 24carat. 99.9% purity is common. It is not possible to make ornaments out of 24 carat gold bullion.

24 carat gold is lessened to 22 carat and thus transformed into jewels. 24 carat is a mixture of copper and silver metals. these metals are combined in 2:1 ratio. the carat rate and value of gold decreases if the metals are added more.


Cadmium is a metal. This metal is mixed with gold to make ornaments and is considered to be pure. The world gold council has a hallmark for pure gold. With the addition of cadmium it is named as 916kdm. Cadmium added gold is considered pure because the cadmium added jewels when reheated or beaten up nothing is lost, and the result we get is pure gold.

When 916kdm gold is heated,the Cadmium metal evaporates into the thin air in the form of gas.This gas is toxic.cadmium content gold does no harm to the wearer. 916kdm purchased gold has a resale value, if it is bought as an asset.

Purchasing of gold is a very good mode of asset and its value increases day by day, so the craze for gold never fades as its value and colour,so it is necessary to know the relation between gold and cadmium. All that glitters are gold, and the value of this asset increases, only if the correct ratio of silver and copper are added.


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