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Gold as International Currency of E-Commerce

Gold as International Currency of E-Commerce

With the wide use of the Internet the world is becoming a fast paced, international market place. The age of months of travel on the Silk Road has become obsolescent and along with it despite the 100's of countries currency.

The Euro was invented in the spirit of more efficient trade and has succeeded in making it easier for merchants within Europe to negotiate and sell to one another. What is to stop the gradual progress to a single world currency? Well the Euro and the Dollar are all examples of top down treaties that are controlled tightly by the issuing government. There is another currency that has been around longer then all the current governments and is just beginning to awaken from a 40-year nap.

Various places such as; GoldMoney and E-Gold issue digital gold. These are examples of a bottom up currency. What is interesting about basing money out of gold is the fact that it is not new. It is, in fact, the oldest form of money and up until fairly recently (1972) most of the worlds treaties could have been directly into gold.

It is still early in its development, but I think that for more and more people, a day will come when they will order a product like our voice changing software MorphVOX, from anywhere in the world and pay for it in grams of gold. No longer will they have to worried about the number dollars that convert into their local money on that given day.

Sometimes it is peoples growing distrust that the government has not been a good custodian of a citizens national money, or it is the convenience of the internationally recognizable value of gold, but whatever it is the use of digital gold on the internet seems to be growing .


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