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Google AdWords Search Network Vs Content Network

Google AdWords Search Network Vs Content Network

There are two options in benefiting from the use of Google AdWords. You can choose to post your ads on Google’s search results pages or the search network, or you can opt to have your ads posted on websites related to your business or the content network.

The Search Network

When you go for the search network, your ads will be seen on the search results. An optimized advertisement will occupy the first top positions in the first search results page. This is the more commonly used option between the two as it is easier to set up and implement.

The search networks only require you to find the right keywords to use and to determine the budget you can allocate for your campaign. The bulk of the work is done in finding the right keywords to use and building your ads based on these keywords.

Its advantage over the content network is its potential for higher conversions and greater profits particularly when you implement this option correctly.

The Content Network

Conversely, the content network is the more elaborate option as it is more focused. You have to exert more with this option as the ads are to be displayed on various websites. There are several advantages of using the content network.

One advantage is seen in the cost. Advertising in the content network will cost you less on the placement of the ads. You have to work on how to increase conversion to take full advantage of the large audience you can get from the websites where your ads are posted.

Since the cost is significantly lower than that of posting in the search network, beginners to internet marketing can benefit the most from content network. When you have well familiarized yourself and mastered the basics of how AdWords work, you can then shift to the search network.

Google AdWords as powerful advertisement tool can dramatically increase your online presence and let the whole world know your business exists. Whether you are advertising on the content network or the search network, optimizing your AdWords campaigns can bring you the results that you desire for your business.


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