Google Turns On Revamped Find My Device Network For Android Globally


Google has announced that it is officially rolling out a revamped version of its Find My Device feature, which now uses a network of over a billion Android devices globally to track your device. This, of course, is very similar to how Apple’s Find My network works — the two tech giants even worked together to create a universal system to detect unwanted tracking.

The new network enables Android users to locate the location of their phone or tablet, and ring them, even when they are offline. Similar to iPhones, those who have a Pixel 8 and 8 Pro can go a step further and track the phones when they’re dead or turned off, thanks to specialised hardware.

google android find my device

The new network also enables users to locate compatible Fast Pair accessories when they’re disconnected from your device, including earbuds, trackers, and more. In May, Chipolo and Pebblebee will be releasing new Bluetooth trackers that are compatible with Find My Device, while other companies such as eufy, Jio, and Motorola will follow suit later on in the year. Additionally, you can share your Bluetooth accessories with others, so they can also view the location of the devices.

Google says that the new Find My Device network is launching globally to devices running on Android 9 and above, starting with the US and Canada. The company promises “multi-layered protections” built into the network to keep you safe and your personal information private.

(Source: Google)

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