Grab Driver Made Group Of Girls Wait Under The Rain Before Cancelling Ride To Claim The Penalty Fee


When you book an e-hailing ride, you expect the driver to safely bring you to your destination. However, for this group of girls, not only did their Grab driver ignore them and make them wait in the rain, but he also sneakily cheated them. Twitter user Yana recently shared the issue she encountered when booking a Grab ride on a rainy day at her university dormitory.

According to Yana, she booked a four-seater ride for four passengers – but when her Grab driver, Gan Sar Choon, arrived, he wouldn’t let them board the car. Apparently, the driver would only accept three passengers despite the car listed on the app as a 4-seater. For those curious, a 4-seater Grab ride can accommodate four adults, two adults and two children, or three adults and one child.


However, the driver did not communicate to Yana why he declined the ride because he would ignore her when she asked. Yana even said she tried calling the Grab driver, but he wouldn’t answer. A friend of Yana, who was there during the incident, even braved through the rain to try to reason with the driver to let them in, but to no avail.

By then, the university students wanted to cancel the booking, but Gan wouldn’t accept the cancellation. Instead, he waited another 5 minutes before cancelling the ride himself to claim an RM3 penalty fee from Yana for “being late”. The situation angered Yana, who added that she and her friends had waited for a long time for an available booking, only to have it cancelled for the worst reason.

Many netizens reacted to Yana’s story, expressing shock and anger at the Grab driver’s action of seemingly cheating the group. Others shared that a similar situation happened to them, where drivers would cancel the booking because they wouldn’t allow four passengers to enter their 4-seater ride. Grab Malaysia have contacted Yana regarding the issue, but it is unclear whether she will receive compensation for her troubles.


Even if the Grab driver had an issue with the number of passengers, it does not justify him making Yana and her friends wait in the rain before forcing them to pay a penalty fee. We hope Grab will settle this issue before more people get cheated.

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