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Graphic Designer Tips: Functionality And Business Considerations For Your Logo Design

Graphic Designer Tips: Functionality And Business Considerations For Your Logo Design

1. Design a lock up version

Logos often come with a brand message, generally called the tag line. The logo and slogan must work together effectively and do equally well in their individual capacities. The coming together of both elements is referred to as a lock up. Aim for cohesion and harmony between your logo design and the company's slogan.

2. Avoid doing too much

Do not try to incorporate too much into the logo design in an effort to do everything. The logo does not have to reflect each aspect of the organization's history, products or services. A computer manufacturing business does need a computer on the logo to be effective, like Apple Inc.

3. Take away the unnecessary stuff

Use subtraction to remove redundancy in your creative endeavors. Ask yourself continuously if the logo needs each element you've added into it. Remove any elements that you can not rationalise. The simplest logo design is most likely the strongest.

4. Create various sized versions

Experimenting with your logo in varied sizes will reveal if the design is sufficient versatile. If your logo is beautiful and stunning only on your high definition monitor and loses all character at 100 pixels, turning into an undecipherable blob, you're in trouble.

5. A responsive logo design

For a logo that will primarily be used on apps and websites, think of ideas to make it responsive. Merely making the logo larger or smaller based on the context is not always the optimum solution. As device capabilities and content areas increase, you will have to add additional detail.

6. Make it legitimate

Your client is likely to need a vector version of the logo to color separate it, scale it up or cut it out. Once you have a design, print it out with variations in type style and weight, along with inverted versions of the logotype. Look at them for as long as it takes for things to sink in.

7. Create non print variants

You also need some variants to see how the design will work on mobile devices, computer screens, billboards or even uniforms. Create insignia versions for smaller spaces, a clear and a greyscale version. The logo may need a slightly different version to be recreated in cotton embroidery.

8. Make it ever-fresh

Like most logos, your design is likely to be used for many years, therefore, avoid trending styles or typefaces which will date very soon.

9. Do not confuse the brand with the logo

It is very important to understand that the logo is not just the brand while designing an organization's identity. If your logo will mostly be seen locked-up with the tag line, provide examples of this during initial presentations.

10. Get the tone right

As a logo design company , your logo design must represent a company's professionalism and visual humor may not be appropriate in most places. Use a font and graphic that sums up the brand's mood.


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