Hannah condemns racist remarks by former BAM backup player


KUALA LUMPUR: Youth and Sports Minister Hannah Yeoh has strongly condemned the racial and religious remarks made by a former Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) backup player on social media recently.

Although the former player has since apologised, Hannah totally disagreed with the remarks made by the individual who was under the auspices of BAM in 2014 and is now reportedly not residing in Malaysia.

“I believe that religious worship has never interfered with the performance of athletes and sports. This has never been a problem in Malaysia,“ she said in a Twitter post today.

Accordingly, she once again reiterated her stand that sports must be free from any racial and political elements.

“All national athletes are a source of inspiration for the people and are advised to be careful with their respective social media content,“ she said.

The former player claimed in a video that the performance of the national players at the Malaysian Open 2023 was not up to the mark because BAM was managed by Malays besides touching on the sensitivities of Muslims. – Bernama

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