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Helkern Worm – The Easy Removal Instructions For Helkern Worm

Helkern Worm – The Easy Removal Instructions For Helkern Worm

The Helkern worm is also called as Helkern. It is designed to infect the servers which run on Microsoft SQL Server 2000. It spreads fast than any other worm it affects Microsoft SQL Server Security, found in July 2002.

The worm sends a specific request to target system, when the request is completed, it’s code is executed automatically as per the request. In these way hijackers, unauthorized users can run your code.

Detection of the Worm

o These worms can be detected by anti-hacker.

o Utilize “Add/Remove Programs” tactics to Uninstall the infection.

o These worm notifications can be turned off in program settings.

This worm may be hidden and reappear after reboot hence follow few deletion methods.

The manual procedure must be followed to permanently delete Helkern Worm files.

These files may be in the form of TOOLBARS, BROWSER HIJACKERS, BROWSER PLUGINS, DLL, EXE and/or LSP. Folders may have the name, which starts with word like helken.

Deletion of the worm

o Stop all the programs running on your computer related to it.

o In order to stop processes related to this worm, press open task manager by pressing CTRL+ALT+DELETE keys.

o Click on process and search for WORM and click on end process key.

Deletion of Worm registry keys

o Clicking on Windows START button, select RUN.

o Type REGEDIT and click OK.

o Search for registry key which starts with HKEY.

o Right click on registry and DELETE it.

Prevention of the Worm

o Scan system with good virus scan software.

o Keep updating Windows.

o Use good firewall to protect your PC from this Worm.

There are many removal tools available to remove Helkern Worm from the computer. Make use of these removal tools to keep the computer protected against Helkern Worm.

Source by Divya S Shivraj

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