Hello Kitty JanSport Backpack


Cats might not exactly be men’s best friend. However, over the years, there have been a sufficient number of famous cats in the limelight that remind us why cats reign supreme over other animals.

After all, you have the adventurous Felix and the irrepressible Garfield, and who can forget Tom’s everlasting feud with Jerry?

Nonetheless, the most famous cat in the world wears a bow on the top of her head and even though old, still manages to charm the socks off most pouty little princesses (and sometimes even their mothers!). The Hello Kitty craze seems to be unstoppable and judging by the demand for the Hello Kitty JanSport backpack, it certainly looks like this cat doesn’t only appeal to the younger generation.

JanSport has a wide range of backpacks for school going children up to the older, more mature buyers. However, there must be something about the Hello Kitty JanSport backpack that has it flying off shelves faster than you can say “kawaii” (cute, in Japanese slang).

A quick check will show you that JanSport has actually manufactured many different Hello Kitty JanSport backpacks throughout the years. As such, if you are looking around for the best or cutest one, you have your work cut out for you. There are so many on the market that you are simply spoilt for choice. The main problem would be that there are so many that you might have difficulty choosing just one or two.

Of course, everyone knows that JanSport produces some of the best quality on backpacks that you could ever want. As such, purchasing a Hello Kitty JanSport backpack would be akin to a good investment because you know that it would definitely last you for a long time.

Purchase a Hello Kitty JanSport backpack for your little sister and she would probably love you forever. It has all the ingredients of a successful present for girls – it is mainly pink in colour, it has Hello Kitty on it and it is oh so adorable and cute. What more could your little sister want?

JanSport’s Hello Kitty backpacks of course come in different patterns and varieties. The predominant colour – like previously mentioned – is definitely pink so if the person you are buying this backpack for is a tom boy, it is probably not a very good idea to purchase this for her. Just like rolling backpacks for toddlers, there are various patterns and designs on the backpack.

If your girl loves Hello Kitty to bits, then you can get one for her that prominently showcases Hello Kitty at the back of the backpack. Otherwise, you can also opt for one which is more understated so that your girl can use it for a longer period of time – she won’t be as likely to be embarrassed of a huge Hello Kitty on her back that way.

Hello Kitty definitely has charmed millions of girls and women around the world, and she definitely continues to do so even till today. A Hello Kitty JanSport backpack is definitely a very good collaboration between a famous cat and one of the best backpack manufacturers in the world today.


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