HK Businessman Shared Scary Incident After Paying For A Female Companion In Malaysia


Scams are a rampant, common problem nowadays. Unfortunately, they can be hard to pick out. Scammers are consistently trying new tactics and new schemes to swindle people. In fact, a businessman from Hong Kong recently revealed one he encountered while in Malaysia!

The man from Hong Kong shared he had come to Malaysia for a business trip. While here, he got lonely and attempted to find a date. Unfortunately, his dating endeavours led to him being scammed and threatened!

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According to China Press, the victim had come to Malaysia on his own. While here, he had supposedly gotten bored and wanted some company. He had initially tried looking for pornographic services. However, he could not find a reliable one. As such, he resorted to finding someone via a social networking site.

To his surprise, he managed to find a beautiful Chinese woman and the two started talking on Telegram. The victim then made an appointment to meet with the woman. But, as he did not have a bank account in Malaysia, he had to use a virtual currency platform provided by the woman. The victim ended up paying her a total of 145 USDD (~RM550).

Shortly afterwards, the lady asked the victim to switch to Whatsapp so they could continue chatting. She added that she would be informing a male friend of her itinerary for safety reasons. Jason saw no harm in this. “I (didn’t actually) need (this),” the victim later explained to China Press. “I just wanted the woman to accompany me, hold hands at (a) night market and have dinner (together).


Source: China Press

Unfortunately, this was not to be. The victim stated that he received a call from the ‘male friend’ afterwards. He supposedly requested another 1000 USDD (~RM3,800) for the meet. The victim immediately cancelled the transaction as he knew something was wrong. To his surprise, this angered the male friend. He got a call from the friend who then claimed to be part of the underworld. The friend also threatened him, claiming he would not be able to leave Malaysia safely.

The victim was initially assured of his safety as he was staying at a five-star hotel. However, after receiving several threatening clips from the ‘friend’, he became afraid and panicked. The victim then asked to change rooms and the hotel also strengthened security measures for the night as a precaution.


Thankfully, the victim has since made it back to Hong Kong safely. However, he wanted to let others know about his experience to warn people of the potential scam. Well, that is certainly something to watch out for!

Source: China Press

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