HONOR Magic 5 Pro Price In Malaysia And Everything You Need To Know About It.


The price of any phone decides whether you should go for that phone or not. The same case is happening with honor smartphones. These phones are available in many different parts and corners of the world. Honor’s latest phone is HONOR Magic 5 Pro, launched in 2023. People are asking whether these phones are available in Malaysia or not. Well, this phone is also available in Malaysia, and the HONOR Magic 5 Pro price starts from RM4299.

This article will tell you the price of the HONOR Magic 5 Pro and what you will be getting from Honor’s latest and flagship phones at this price. You will also find a bit about the price discounts on these honor phones in Malaysia.

What do you know about the price of the HONOR Magic 5 Pro in Malaysia?

The price of the HONOR Magic 5 Pro in Malaysia is different in different parts of the country or different cities of the same country. Still, you can find a price range for these phones that usually starts from RM4299 to RM5000. This price varies depending on the occasion, event, and sale season. The minimum price of these HONOR Magic 5 Pro phones in Malaysia can be around RM4000 during sale seasons.

What do you get from HONOR Magic 5 Pro phones at this stated price?

Usually, you get a lot of useful things and features for your use from these HONOR Magic 5 Pro phones at RM4299. Let’s have a look at what you get from these phones in Malaysia.

An Octa-core processor is the statement of high efficiency when you define these phones in a sentence. This octa-core processor can run on the latest Android version, Android 13. This Android 13 version aims to improve these phones’ privacy and security. It assures you that your data will not be encrypted and will remain secure and protected for as long as you want.

The LTPO AMOLED screen in these phones clearly shows that these phones are comfortable to use for all people with different age groups. This screen is big such as 6.81 inches in size, and that’s why it is used for big cinematic effects. People with bad eyesight can reduce their eye-related issues with the help of these comfortable mobile phone screens.

These phones, which were released in March, are made with 12MP front camera. This camera has all those specs that selfie lovers always look up to, such as video editing and shooting effects, better zoom options, bringing customization to their images, and many other things. Their main rear camera is also of high quality and power.



The HONOR Magic 5 Pro price is not much for all people. It starts from RM4299 and with discounts during sale seasons, it goes down to a much more affordable price range. This read has told you about all you will be getting from your phones in Malaysia. If you live in Malaysia, honor stores are the perfect options for such useful utilities. Or else, you will have the option of using Honor online customer service.

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