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How a Coin Sorter Saved My Life

How a Coin Sorter Saved My Life

I used to come home from a shopping trip, and in the change jar went a whole bunch of leftover coins. But one jar quickly became two jars, and two jars quickly became three jars. Where was it going to end?

I finally said enough was enough when I reached a total of eleven jars. Picking out change for bus fare was an exercise in frustration, and I felt like I was never going to be able to get rid of the coins.

All my problems vanished when I bought a sorter. Some people may recommend that you simply dumping all your coins into the machine at the supermarket, but this solution ignores the fact that coins are useful. The fact is that there are innumerable uses for coins still in this world.

Business owners, especially, may want an advanced sorter that can wrap coins, creating easily usable rolls of coins for your cash register. Investing in a premium coin sorter with this function can save hours of frustration and instead provide time to devote to more important business tasks.

With a sorter, I was able to separate my coins into different types, and with a few cheap coin rolls, perfectly organize them for when I needed them. By the way, many supermarkets will accept coin rolls. This has provided me a way to get rid of my excess small coins while keeping the big ones handy.

Coin sorters are relatively affordable – cheap models start at $10 and the expensive premium digital ones can be had for $100. They come with an array of varying features that can really make life simpler.


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