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How Confusing Is Social Media Optimization? Learn More!

How Confusing Is Social Media Optimization? Learn More!

Is Social Media Optimization Confusing You?

Social media optimization has become a new and revolutionary new way of advertising your business online. And while it's related to search engine optimization or search engine marketing, SMO can actually be a complex process of giving your business a more visual presence online and increasing recognition of your brand and products.

Search Engine Marketing
Search engine marketing is also a unique way to get your business in front of the same consumers who are actively searching for your specific types of products on the major search engines like Google, Ask, Bing and Yahoo. SEM can also be a complex concept to understand and implement for a beginner to online marketing.

And when you add search engine optimization into the mix, getting your business, product or brand recognized online can easily turn into a very confusing labyrinth of tools and processes to wade through.

What Does It Mean For Your Business?
Basically, each of these processes is a tool for promoting your website or blog to the masses online, and each involves a way for driving more traffic to your site starting with search engines.

However, social media optimization targets traffic and potential customers that are highly heavy on social sites like Facebook, StumbleUpon, Digg and Tumblr for referrals and reviews of certain products and businesses.

Social media can easily be thought of ad today's "word of mouth" advertising but done online. And if you want your business to gain optimal brand recognition, traffic and sales, it's important to grasp an understanding of how all three of these concepts work together on the Internet to capture the attention of your target audience while they're actively searching for specific products and services.

So while SEO and SEM may use techniques to target consumers who rely on Google and Yahoo for their searches, SMO, or social media optimization, optimizes your website to show up on the same social media sites that your potential customers absolutely go to for referrals and product reviews.

Getting On Page One of the Search Engines
Setting all of the terms side, what you extremely want is for your website to show up on the first page of Google, as close to top position as possible, when people search for the types of products or services that your business sells. At the same time, you want your brand name to be recognized across all the popular social media sites such as Facebook, Digg and even MySpace.

The tools and techniques used to accomplish these sometimes complicated and time-consuming tasks are best understood by search engine marketing experts who have actually made it their primary business to study these techniques for which processes and tools work best for different types of businesses and brands.

Social media optimization and search engine marketing is definitely not a one-size-fits-all advertising and marketing process by any means. No two businesses are ever alike; each targets a different audience, different demographics and sometimes even a different geographic location needs to be targeted for local businesses.

Since different businesses and brands require a different approach, it's often best left to a search engine marketing firm that has carved out a niche for online marketing specialization to handle the fine tuning and details of a solid marketing strategy for whatever your business is.


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