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How Do I Brand Myself?

How Do I Brand Myself?

Online, it is rather unique that if you are online, if everyone has an online business such as mine, or in an affiliate program to generate money online, you are in a rare unique situation as I am. Prior to online I worked a job and owned a small company off line, a brick and mortar business. Online is a little different, yet this branding applies to both, but online it is a little more unique. If you do things wrong online about your longevity, you will not last online. Without you have some different ways of doing things, a different industry or something like that, you will not last online. You will learn what I am talking about here in this article.

There are a lot of people, a lot of people out there on the internet that I see in this industry, in this home based business industry, even outside of the industry that is just in this business world, I guess in the home based industry and outside of our industry online just for today. They are only interested in making money today. They can care less about what happens in the future. Some people make a lot of money and frankly do not care about anyone else and they disappear. They will make a few million dollars or something in that year or two and then they will just disappear. Their business is dead because they did not brand themselves for the longevity.

Some people have jobs. People back in the seventies and eighties would talk about going to college and getting out of college after four or six years and being secure in a nice secure job, and work until you are sixty-five and then retire. Everything is secure. You have longevity of money coming into your life. Even though I feel that the jobs today are really not secure, and I have spoken about this in previous articles, it is kind of the same scenario for your business online. I am going to go more into branding a little bit later here, but I would like to talk about this longevity part first.

Online, if you want to make consistently five, ten, twenty thousand, thirty thousand, fifty or a hundred thousand dollars a month consistently month after month after month, year after year after year, you have to have longevity in your business, and it is all based on your branding. Let me give you an example. I am sure you have looked at this industry, this specific mlm or home based business industry. I am sure you have seen top earners or heavy hitters, simply hop from program to program to program. They simply go after, and it is a select group of people that simply go after, new opportunities just because of the newness of it only to make money.

They simply go into it and they simply market to their list, their existing email op-in list and then further from there continue to market it online and off line for just a few months just to make a hundred thousand or two hundred thousand or so every couple of months. Some people do this every six months. But that does not do any good for the person that they promised the world to, I will teach you this and this and this if you join my team and I will give you this and this, then all of a sudden they are gone. They leave their down line if they are in big mlm companies and they will have a huge down line and say they build a huge down line with a few thousand people or ten thousand people or even five hundred people in a month or two or three months , or six months, even long they play the game.

And then all of a sudden they leave their down line. Some never return their phone calls or answer emails or never do what they said they were going to do from the very beginning. Others did do a little bit of it, but after they went to another company for the same thing they have been doing, they no longer answer emails or phone calls. Now, what does this do for the branding process. I am going to talk about all different areas of branding. This is the truth, if you want to last online, if you want to consistently make money, you have to brand yourself, you have to brand your business, if you do not do this you are not going to have longevity.


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