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How Much Do Images Contribute to Brand Perception?

How Much Do Images Contribute to Brand Perception?

So often, we come across marketing materials where the images used are not quite what they should be. Sometimes they are not simply blurry and / or of bad color tones, they are simply irrelevant. Who has not heard of the old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words.

I see so many companies today that have spent a bundle on developing their CI and marketing materials (ie brochures, flyers, print advertisements, web sites, etc.) with strong emphasis on the copy, logo placement, brand colors, etc. while not enough thought on what type of images / photos they should be using.

Images used in any marketing and / or promotional materials should be placed to make the overall communication stronger and NOT as a filler. Depending on the communication, images should generally be dynamic and vibrant as far as the subject and colors are concerned. Spend time in getting the images. Arrange a photo shoot if necessary. These days you can also buy images from several popular web sites. The trick is to be selective until one is 100% sure before using it. Many images may require retouching and even manipulation to fit the communication well. Get this done from a professional and trusted studio. Brand colors should also most certainly dominate the images.

We can see examples of such work in well executed advertisements of many popular brands ranging from jewelry, fashion, automobiles, consumer goods, etc. Typically, these advertisements are 80% image and 20% copy, logo, contact info and any additional branding.

As proven over the years, the proper image / photo can accentuate any communication well enough to provide a much needed edge in today's competitive marketplace.


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