How Singer Eason Chan Reacted After A Fan Flipped Him The Middle Finger


When a singer performs for their fans, you’d expect the crowd to applaud or cheer for them, showing appreciation for their performances. However, Hong Kong singer Eason Chan (陈奕迅) was recently disrespected at his concert in Nanjing, resulting in an odd performance.

On 6th April (Saturday), the singer performed in Nanjing, China, as part of his “Fear and Dreams World Tour”. The rest of the concert went smoothly, except when a fan wasn’t pleased with the singer’s sudden change in setlist. Reportedly, Eason chose to perform the song “Long Live To Us (我们万岁)”, but many fans in the crowd wanted to hear the 50-year-old perform “Sorrow Is Meaningless (富士山下)”.

SOURCES: WEIBO (疾风中青勁草, 偶像冲浪达人)

Apparently, some fans weren’t happy with the choice because of the chosen song not being a well-known track. One fan even expressed dissatisfaction with the choice, showing Eason the middle finger for not singing the track he wanted. The vocalist was allegedly so angry by the rude concertgoer that he had to perform the next track with his back turned towards the crowd to gather his emotions.

Fortunately, Eason could calm himself down from the issue to continue with the concert. However, the performer touched on the matter during the encore segment, asking fans not to be disappointed by his song choices. He added that the encore song might not be the most popular song from his discography but is meaningful to him because it won him his first Golden Melody Award.

After the concert, many fans took to social media to slam the rude audience member for his actions. Some netizens even said the man brought shame to the Chinese fans with his disrespectful gesture. Others lamented that the man shouldn’t have gone to the concert if he was going to act entitled, saying his ticket could’ve gone to Eason fans who would appreciate the singer.

SOURCES: WEIBO (速溶沙漠, 疾风中青勁草, 偶像冲浪达人)

We hope Eason wasn’t too offended by the gesture – but some fans need to be more cautious with their actions at a concert.

Source: China Press, Weibo (1)(2)

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