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How Small Businesses Make Cheap International Calls

How Small Businesses Make Cheap International Calls

When you run a business you depend on cheap international calls to help save on your phone costs. Larger companies are able to work out a deal with their traditional phone provider. The phone companies are more eager to work out deals with big companies because they know that they’ll lose a lot of money by refusing to negotiate long distance calling rates. But smaller businesses that still need to conduct international business are stuck paying higher international call rates because they don’t have the negotiation power of a large company. But there are ways that small business can take advantage of cheaper call rates. It’s just a matter of using the technique that saves you money and provides the most efficient service.

Cheap Calling Services

Small businesses can take advantage of calling cards or discount calling services. This works well for small businesses who conduct most of their business locally but need to call internationally and those who travel around to conduct business. Calling cards can be purchased for each employee who travels for the company. These cards allow the employee to place discounted international calls from cell phones or landlines without having to subscribe to a service. These cards can be used from hotel rooms or on a cell phone in a plane. And by only purchasing cards for those who travel, you don’t have to put out expenses for employees who stay grounded at the company.

A discount calling service is another option that can be used for travellers and those who stay at the company to conduct business. By subscribing to the service using your outgoing phone line numbers, you get a reduced rate every time you make an international call. The service gives you a unique local access number that your employees dial before making calls. In order for your travelling employees to use this service, they will get a specialised number that can be used to make cheap international calls no matter where they are in the world.

Voice Over Internet Protocol

One of the easiest ways to escape high phone charges is to use a free voice over Internet protocol to make PC to PC calls. As long as you and your international clients use the same calling program, you can call each other’s computers for free. And if you have a web camera you can even conduct business using videoconferencing without having to pay high fees. This works great for small businesses who don’t travel and have few international clients. By using one of the mentioned services, you can make cheap international calls without appearing cheap to your clients.


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