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How to Attract the Right People Into Your Network Marketing Business

How to Attract the Right People Into Your Network Marketing Business

 It is a dream for most network builders to attract the right people into his business.In order for you to reach the top of your pay-plan, you need to get the right number of business builders into your network as soon as possible. Just look at the top performers in your company and you will see that their huge organizations are mobilized by only two or three really active and producing ‘FRONTLINERS’. A frontline is a distributor whom you personally ‘SPONSOR’ (recruit).

So what do you need to do to attract these business builders? Or lets put it this way: What needs to happen before these ‘STARS’ join you? Things always happen for a reason. In the old traditional way, they have been telling you to talk(show the plan) to 1,000 people to get 200 to join you out of which about 10 will want to seriously do the business. Out of this 10, probably 3 shall become your SUPERSTAR!

By now you can see why 95% of distributors fail in this industry. Oh my gosh, just think about those grueling hours to be on the road and into the living rooms of people you hardly know,just to ‘SHOW THE PLAN’.

In the midst of doing that, you better make sure that you already have some degree of success under your belt. Because people like to follow successful people. Statistics have shown that in this world there are 10 million leaders leading 4 Billion followers. Ask yourself in which category do you belong?

Today,people are getting smarter. There are hundreds of Network Marketing Companies and thousands of Systems to use. Why should they join you? While you are pitching them about your company and your SYSTEM, in their heads they are evaluating you( Can this guy really guide me to success?). If you are smart, you are also evaluating them, right?

Getting one SUPERSTAR in this business can be likened to searching for a needle in a haystack. You know he is there. So you will not stop your search until you discover him.

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