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How to Become a Successful Commodity Trader

How to Become a Successful Commodity Trader

The major league of trading

Being a commodity trader is like playing in the major leagues. You better have the proper training and experience, or you simply do not have a prayer of being successful in the long run. This market tends to move fast, and there is incredible leverage. As an example, if you acquire one futures contract of corn, you actually control 5000 bushels. This means every one cent move is worth $50.00. I see the stock market as the minor league, but it still has a high degree of difficulty. I trade both the futures market, and the stock market. In this article, I will share with you some good, solid information on how to make money as a commodity trader.

The big 3

You need to have a successful trading plan. It is important to have the plan fit your personality, as much as possible. The trading plan is your blueprint for success in the market. It will encompass all aspects of trading.

Money management is a crucial element. You simply must cut your losses short, if you want to be a winner in the long run. Keep all losses small, and let your profits run. If you follow this golden rule of trading, your future as a commodity trader is bright.

Proper trading psychology is what separates the fairly good trader from the best traders in the world. You must keep emotions such as fear, greed, and hope, out of your trading equation. Emotions will cloud your thinking, and not allow you to trade in a logical, objective manner. The various trading markets are human nature and crowd psychology on display daily. Many of the successful trading principles are contrary to normal human nature. That is a main reason why most traders and investors ultimately fail.

The price chart is a valuable tool

The price chart is an important tool for the market technician. The successful commodity trader must implement the proper interpretation of chart patterns. This is a key to winning big. As an example, you can trade the breakout of the daily, weekly, or monthly chart. Always trade with the trend on the breakout. Once you are proven correct by the price action of the market, you may then add to your position.

Volume will tell you plenty

Volume is a great measure of supply and demand. It can give you clues to help you recognize whether a commodity or stock, is under accumulation or distribution. If a commodity shows a big price jump to new highs, on much heavier than normal volume, this tells me the big buyers are causing the jump in price. Price and volume action like this bodes well for the continuation of higher prices.

During a major price advance, volume tends to increase on rallies, and decrease on reactions. During a major price decline, volume tends to increase when the price goes down, and decrease when the price goes up. Many times as bottoms and tops are approached, volume will expand sharply. As a commodity trader, being able to properly interpret price and volume action gives you a major advantage.


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