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How To Choose An Inexpensive But Durable Luggage

How To Choose An Inexpensive But Durable Luggage

Many people spend so much money buying a new luggage that they have touched the money they have reserved for their vacation. Traveling costs a lot of money. You would want to allot your budget mostly for your travel expenses.

Don’t worry! There are a lot of inexpensive but durable luggage brands out there. You don’t have to shell out a lot of money just to buy a good luggage. You can choose a good brand with the help of the following buying tips:

1. Go for soft-sided bags

They are usually cheaper than hard-sided or leather bags. Canvas travel bags are ideal. You should consider the merits of using canvas bags. They are generally easier to use and easier to maintain than hard-sided or leather bags. Moreover, they can be repaired without spending a lot of money.

2. Check the stitches and make sure there are no broken stitches or gaping seams

You can tell the quality of a good luggage by its materials and its stitching. Make sure the stitching is precise and there are no broken ones. Also check the hidden areas for gaping seams.

3. It should come with an information tag that will tell you more about the fabric denier of the luggage.

The fabric denier is basically the form of measurement of the luggage fabric when it comes to its resistance to outer wear and tear. This will let you know how durable the luggage really is. It is important to understand that travel bags with a large denier are not always durable. You should look for those with mid-level quality as they do not cost much and they are relatively resistant to wear and tear. Look for fabric materials like Ballistic nylon.

4. Look for hooded casters.

Hooded casters are better because they are protected from outer wear and tear better. Make sure the wheels are made form high-tech resin materials that are usually used to manufacture in-line skating wheels. Avoid buying luggage bags with plastic casters as they do not carry heavy weights that easily. Make sure the wheels are mounted to the case with the use of screws. This is more durable than wheels mounted to rivets.

5. Have your luggage secured by a generous warranty.

Most brands of travel bags are warranted against the defects of workmanship and fast material deterioration. That means the warranty does not cover mishandling or damages because of abuse. You should inspect your bag before and after your travel so you know which damages are caused by airline mishandling and which ones can be covered by the warranty.


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