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How to Choose Hot Dog Cart Names

How to Choose Hot Dog Cart Names

The name of your hot dog stand is an important statement that you make to the public about your products and service. It is important to send the right message so you must have an appropriate name. A great choice of name could really have an impact on attracting customers to your stand while a bad choice could drive them away to the competition.

In this article we look at some ideas for choosing hot dog cart names and we discuss why having a great one can be a factor that will contribute to your level of success.

The Importance of a Hot Dog Business Name

Some people may not imagine that a name is a very important consideration when it comes to starting a hot dog stand. After all, you have so many other things like regulations and equipment to deal with that seem much more important. However, it is crucial that you come up with a brand name that can help you to make a good first impression on people in your area. A strong name will also give customers something to associate with all of the positive experiences that they have with you and your hot dogs over time.

Make it Obvious

Many effective business names give potential customers a clear message about what products or services they offer. To make it obvious you should strongly consider going with something that includes the words hot dogs’ or at least ‘dogs’.

Keep it Clean

You will find many posts on online forums discussing funny hot dog stand names. Due to the shape of a hot dog and related words like ‘sausage ‘and ‘weiner ‘some people actually consider using names with sexual connotations. With this approach you can come up with some really funny results and you may even end up with a name that is loved by a small segment of your market. However, unless you feel that such a choice would suit a unique location it is better not to risk isolating any part of your market. Keep it clean and make sure that there is nothing about your name that could possibly be offensive to any age group, gender, religion or culture.

This is not to say that you can’t come up with something that is clever or funny though. Some of the best hot dog stand names involve the use of puns or a witty choice of words. Just make sure that most people will ‘get it’ and not be left scratching their heads.

Brainstorming for Ideas

One great way to think of some great names is to sit down with a piece of paper and write out a list of words that you could include. You could consider words related to your family, your location, your products or your service. If you specialize in ‘Chicago Style’ dogs for example then you may want to include to word ‘Chicago’ in the name somehow.

Simple and Unforgettable

Make sure that you go with a name that is simple, memorable and easy to pronounce. Once you have selected a shortlist of options you should run them by your friends and family and see which ones they can recall and pronounce correctly a few days later. If you keep it short and sweet it will also be easier to display on your logo, signage and other marketing materials.

A Name of Your Own

Your name should be distinct in the market and should clearly set you apart from any other local fast food businesses. Before going with a name it is important to check that the your selection is not in use by any other related business. If your name infringes on trademarks registered by other companies then you may either face expensive legal action or you will be forced to rebrand. Research your proposed name and confirm that it is available and not infringing on the property of others.

Keep Yourself Happy

You should go for a name that you love. You will undoubtedly be hearing and seeing your hot dog cart name a lot and you don’t want to get sick of it. It should inspire you and drive you to work hard and succeed.

Snap up the Domain

Before finalizing your decision you may want to check and see if a suitable domain name is available. And once you go ahead and make a decision you should register it right away. You may at some time have to get a website online and you wouldn’t want anyone getting it first.

Get It Right the First Time

Changing a business name once your business is operational is a frightful thought. Not only will you be doing damage to the reputation and goodwill that you have built up but you will also be facing printing and signage costs as you rebrand. Make sure that you give this important decision the attention that it deserves.

A name makes up a big part of the image that your hot dog cart will have in the public eye. Make sure that you choose an appropriate name that can fulfill its purpose and serve you well for many years to come.


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