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How to Design a Simple, Yet Unique & Functional Website

How to Design a Simple, Yet Unique & Functional Website

Web design has seen a complete revolution in the past couple of years. Designing a website is no longer a big task – it’s more about designing a functional website that provides a great user experiences and helps businesses convert better.

Here are a few things to remember if you wish to design simple, unique and yet functional websites:

Stay simple

It’s always a good idea to not go for very complex designs. The simpler you design your website; the better it is for your visitors. They can easily navigate the site and effectively use it. Some of the biggest brands in the world have the simplest designs. No one likes to deal with complexities for accomplishing simple tasks. The entire user experience is ruined with complex designs.

It has to be informative

The very reason for having a website is to make people aware of your business. So, along with all the creativity used to design your website, ensure that you provide users with enough information about your products and services too. You can arrange the information such that the most important information is seen at the top or is more prominent. Otherwise it will not serve its purpose.

Pick right colors

Different colors have different meanings. The colors you pick for your website have a great impact on how your customers perceive you. Blue could mean trustworthy, orange could be used for a fun and youthful website etc. Overuse of a particular color could ruin your website too!

Use right fonts

Being creative does not mean that you use unusual fonts. The fonts that you use on your website must be easily readable by the users. Never, ever use complex fonts – they completely ruin the user experience. Always keep in mind that user experience on your website is the most important part of developing a website.

Allow your sites to communicate with users

Your website should have features to communicate with the users. Dull boring information will drive the visitors away. Keep your website ‘live’ and interactive. Give customers an option to fill a form or raise a query or take some action! Make it interactive enough to hold the attention of your users!

Keep the same visual style throughout your website

Some websites have a different design or a flow of matter from one page to another. This completely takes away the user experience. When you maintain the same design elements on each page, the customers are more familiar with the designs and can navigate the website more easily. They do not have to stumble upon a new design every time they click a different link.

In a world where everyone in online, the internet has become a big maze of websites. Each business has to hence design something unique to stand out from the rest and attract the attention of their prospective customers. If you have to hold the attention of your customers long enough to convert them, you must design something unique!


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