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How to Generate (& Convert) More Leads For Your Business

How to Generate (& Convert) More Leads For Your Business

One of the most important things a business needs to be profitable is a high quality stream of leads. When people are coming to you asking about what you do it makes business a lot more fun, and a lot easier. But many businesses do not have a consistent lead generation system in place leading many businesses to struggle. This article will outline the steps it takes to build a lead generation system.

Step # 1: Define what your end goal is. (This may sound obvious, but most people do not have clarity in their head regarding this goal:

What are you trying to do?

  • Get someone to come into your store?
  • Get someone to call you on the phone?
  • Get someone to visit your website?
  • Get someone to request more information?

Until you know exactly what you want to do, you can not build a system that meets your expectations expectations.

Step # 2: Make sure your message meets their expectations.

Here's what I mean. Nobody walks into a pizza place and expects or wants to buy tires for their cars. Yet businesses all the time do not give people the proper experience or expectations of what they want or need. I see this all the time when people do marketing. They send out a postcard, or a direct mail piece, or run an internet marketing campaign. People receive the message and visit the website, call on the phone, or go to the store only to be disappointed because what they thought they were getting was not what they were getting. Your marketing system needs to be like a rail road track. If any part of the track is incomplete you will derail.

Step # 3: When someone does raise their hand and show interest what happens next?

If someone visits your website # 1 goal is to capture their information. Why? Several reasons. Because most of the time people do not buy immediately. They may be "just looking" and they also may not trust you enough yet. Capturing their contact information allows you to continue to mail to them, nurture them along, and educate them on why they should do business with you versus someone else.

Step # 4: After you DO get their contact information you follow up until they buy, or until they die.

Here's a fact. They came to your website / store / etc. SEEKING something. The very fact they showed interest makes them more likely to buy what you have instead of marketing to people who are not interested. So depending on the economics of your business, you need to follow-up with them for automatically forever. Email is a great way to follow-up with people because it is so inexpensive. Okay, so you are following up but what do you follow up with?

Step # 5: Education.

That's right. You answer, in your media, frequently asked questions that people ask about your product or service. You also answer questions that people SHOULD be asking about your product or service. Why? Because it shows you are interested in educating your prospect or your customer instead of making the sale. After all, an educated prospect or customer is a much better prospect or customer.

So there you have it. If you do just those five steps you will definitely out perform your competition. While your competition is shooting for the kill all the time, you will be building long lasting relations with people that will turn into business over time.

Source by Matt Wenger

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