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How To Get Website Traffic?

How To Get Website Traffic?

Traffic is the blood stream of all online business. The question commonly asked by most internet marketers is “how to get website traffic?”.

No doubt there are many ways to generate traffic to a website, for instance, article marketing, borrowed traffic via affiliate program, banner advertising, paid traffic via pay per click advertising, etc.

This article will share with you 3 proven ways to answer the question of “how to get website traffic?”. If you employ these 3 powerful strategies effectively, this will certainly speed up your traffic generation effort.

1. Join Venture

Find out who is having the list of your online customers through forums, blogs or even search engine. The larger the list the better. Work with this person and form a join venture. Share the profit or commission earned with him. Join venture has the potential of generating instant targeted site traffic.

2. Search Engines Traffic Generation

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is based on “Targeted Keyword is the King” and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is based on “Content is King”. PPC generates instant targeted web traffic. SEO generates free web traffic or commonly known as “organic traffic”. If you combine both PPC and SEO, this will form a powerful search engine traffic generation “tool”.

3. Viral Marketing

Most viral marketers use this method. Viral marketing method could generate residual traffic passively. Basically this method employ the strategy of getting everyone to give away or even sell a particular product to the others. A brandable affiliate link is placed in such a product. This link will link back to the targeted website for back-end profit. If you use this method and offer master resell right to encourage the others to pass on such a viral product, the viral effect will certainly be exponential.

You got you answer on how to get website traffic? Remember this, an online business without online customers is of no use. Employ the above strategies to get more traffic to your website.


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