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How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back by Being Distant!

How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back by Being Distant!

Have you been recently dumped? Do not fret too much – it is not the end of the world! You most certainly CAN get your ex girlfriend back! See this as just another fight and work towards making up with her. And believe this or not, any amount of hard work counts and works, in most cases. If she strode out not wanting to hear from you again she did not really mean that. Look at it this way – if you have been together 24 hours a day until you broke up, she is going to miss not being with you. Won’t you miss her? But you were the one wearing the pants in this relationship you have to do something about it. Be a man and woo your woman back!

When you have reached closure, you will begin to think clearly, so will she. It is not advisable to make a move before the closure happens. When you get over the bitterness or awkwardness of the whole thing, you can start thinking about the ways on how you can get your ex girlfriend back. Woman, as a matter of fact, are more emotional and you need to make the best of that! We do not suggest playing with her emotions but make her see the new side of you. She will not be prepared for this.

First things first – clean up good! You have done it before, now do better. Hit the gym and burn that moping fat! When you take good care of yourself, it means you are trying to look presentable and approachable, quite obviously to women. When she finds out that you have moved on with your life, she will want what she does not have. It is human psychology – if you are not in a happy place, you will selfishly wish that your ex was just as miserable as you are. Seeing you in a normal situation will get her thinking about you more and make her find out about you from your friends. Soon she may even approach you. You see how working out benefits you in ways more than one?

And if you are ready to seek out new women, she is not going to stand it. No self-respecting woman can face her ex boyfriend even flirting with another woman! This is your chance right here! Let her know somehow that you are ‘available’ and considering dating again. You are bound to make her jealous. She is going to stop and think why she left you again. After she does her analysis, be rest assured that she will call. She may not call and beg you to take her back, but it is a beginning. Is that not what we were trying to get at?

All this is going to take time to actually happen and get your ex girlfriend back. Just remember to be patient and not to get carried away. By being distant, you are trying to draw her towards you not push her further away.

Source by Ryan C Torres

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