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How to Make $3,000 a Month With Affiliate Marketing

How to Make $3,000 a Month With Affiliate Marketing

If you’re new to internet businesses then affiliate marketing is one of THE BEST ways to start making money right away.

For too long affiliate marketing has been seen as the “poor brother” of other popular online businesses such as online auctions, ebooks, software or membership sites but is is one of the easiest ways to earn decent money online.

And as someone who earns a large percentage of my online income as an affiliate, I’m constantly amazed at what a great business this is.

Here, then, are just eight of the reasons why I believe affiliate marketing is the *best* way to start off online; indeed why in my eyes it’s the Holy Grail of e-commerce…. and I’ll share some great affiliate programs to get started with.

1) No Need To Create A Product To Sell

Most people start off in e-commerce by creating their own product. However, this route can involve investing a lot of time and money.

On the other hand, I have set up affiliate sites in a matter of weeks for under $100 that now greatly exceed that initial set-up cost every single month – on autopilot. So it’s a quick, easy, and cost effective market to get into.

2) Create Money Out Of Thin Air

As it’s possible to set up an affiliate site with a tiny sum ($50-100) and let this multiply numerous times, you can then go on and invest in bigger projects in the future.

3) No Customer Service

Depending on how you set up your affiliate business it *is* possible to completely dispense with customer service enquiries.

Indeed, I am now setting up simple minisites with *no* email address and no contact details at all. This saves me a huge amount of time each day answering questions and so allows me to concentrate on building more sites for greater profits.

4) Automatic Money – And Free Time!

Using the right model, you can simply set up an affiliate site and move onto your next project.

I sincerely believe that it is possible as you gain experience to launch a site per month and, since you’re not selling anything yourself or answering customer’s enquiries, your site can run virtually on autopilot.

An occasional check is all that is necessary and my minisites take me less than 30 minutes a month to run.

It’s like automatic money each month!

More impressively, the sites you built months, even years ago, continue to bring in sales meaning you’re having to work less and less to achieve the results you desire. You control your day – and you do what you like with it.

5) Thinking Outside The Box

So many e-commerce businesses depend hugely on their own affiliate network to drive traffic and sales. It’s a reasonably easy and hassle-free way to make profits.

Unfortunately as an affiliate marketer you don’t have that luxury.

But it’s actually to your advantage.

You see without that fallback you are forced to think outside the box to generate traffic.

Instead you need to find, test and develop other techniques which stand you in good stead for the future.

Not only does it make you more creative and resourceful in general, but if and when you eventually launch a non-affiliate marketing site you’ll already know how to generate an avalanche of traffic *ontop* of what your affiliates bring you.

And more traffic equals more sales. I suggest you start with article submissions and posts on relevant forums. Whatever you do, DO NOT BUY TRAFFIC. You’re wasting your money. I’ve tried it several times over the years and I always promise I’ll never do it again.

6) He Who Has The Traffic Has The Power

Once you develop your traffic streams and your subscriber list you become a very sought after commodity.

Other businesses seek you out, eager to sign you up as an affiliate of theirs.

And as your success grows, you develop the ability to cherry pick only the most profitable deals for yourself -and often command higher commission rates than others get.

Do *not* underestimate what it can be like to be in this situation. An example is that one of my merchant partners sent me an extra $250 last Christmas just to say thanks for sending them so many sales that year!

7) You’re The Perfect Affiliate Manager

If and when you decide to create your own product and set up your own affiliate program as part of your marketing strategy you have a distinct advantage over your competitors – you’ll already know the best affiliate marketing techniques.

And this knowledge will prove priceless in terms of helping your own affiliates promote you effectively.

8) Great Community

By becoming an affiliate marketer you will be joining a great community of like-minded individuals from around the world.

A combination of quality newsletters and discussion forums run by real pros means it’s a great community to be a part of.

So there you have it – my eight reasons to become an affiliate marketer today – so what are you waiting for?! About the author:

9) Best Affiliate programs to start with

Commission junction for general goods and I suggest you start with this. They have great product selection and good payout rates.

Click Bank is generally best for digital products

Amazon affiliates is good for books

Pepperjam is a new affiliate and they’re offering GREAT payout rates as a result.

Remember, the key is to find a good product with good payouts that you can build a simple website with content related to these products. Then submit articles to various directories and post on related forums to generate traffic. Then just wait for the checks to come in! For more great articles, check us out at themoneyhacker.


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