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How to Make Fortunes From Internet Forums

How to Make Fortunes From Internet Forums

Internet forums are money making goldmines. Very few people know this secret. You can make a living out of online forums if you know how the internet experts have been doing it. Before you can however benefit from this money making goldmine, you must have a good understanding and knowledge about what it is, how it works, the categories and models and where you can locate them on the cyberspace.

Think about how you love talking about yourself and what interests you. If you are given the opportunity to talk about yourself, your background, your education, your status and social level, your interest in investment, health issues, electronics, computers, technology, real estate, event hosting and organization, research, medicine, networking , Internet marketing, gardening, traveling, vacation, politics, history etc (the list is endless), you will certainly have much to say from sunrise to sunset. Men enjoy talking about themselves and their interest. Forums on the internet where designed to give vent to these natural tendency in man including you.

How an Online Forum Works

Just like in the real world where people gather together in a club to chat and enjoy themselves, the same thing happens on the internet. You think about a picture of an expert with an audience who wants to learn from him / her. If you know a topic so well that can solve people's problems, people will gather in numbers before you to hear what you want to say. Public speakers have thousands of audience who listen to them on regular basis so are trusted religious leaders and corporate experts. Do you get the picture I'm trying to paint for you in the real world so that you can fully understand the concept to online forums?

The fact that people can get together to talk, share, care and have their problems solved in a matter of minutes after posting them of forums has made this concept very popular over the years amongst its users. Forums are very easy to join. It is mostly without a requirement to pay any fee. Members have a satisfied sense of belonging. People of like minds meet at anytime of choice. They are a huge depository of knowledge in the mold of the traditional educational system. You can pick up a topic, learn much about it over time and become an expert in that field over time just by attending forums and benefiting from the posts. Forums is where you meet with experts in any field of human endeavor. You can have real fun attending forums to wipe away your sorrow because you can meet people who can crack rib breaking jokes.

Learn The Rules

Each forum has its own rules and regulations. Just like any other human organization, online forums have set rules to guide members on how to conduct themselves and relate with others. There are do's and don'ts. Some of the rules are written while others are not. It will take continuous participation and observation to know what the unwritten rules are. You should understand that online forums composed of real people so the emotional factor can not be ruled out.

Generally, it is not recommended that you join a forum to start marketing a product or service. It will be frowned out. Smart marketers do it with great tact and subtlety. Direct marketing offends in forums and may cost you loss of membership. You will do yourself a lot of good to hang around any forum you join as a new member to learn from the way people raise topics and make contributions. If you are observant enough, you will discover how experts on the forum find out what people needs and how they meet those needs. Meeting those needs is the goldmine for profits.

As you continue to visit forums, you will notice the following kinds of people:

· The Administrators: these are the owners and financiers of the forum. They are the brain behind the forum. They set it up to meet the needs of defined categories of people and they are the ones who set the rules of the game.

· The Helpers: these are the topic generators and advisers. Smart marketers are always in this group. They coined a topic they have observed over long period will be of help to others. The topics are introduced to the forum and bingo people will start posting their opinions. From those opinions, the smart marketers get what people's needs are and quickly take steps to meet those needs. That's why they institute the forum experts well trusted by others. You should be one of these people if you dream of raking in money through forums.

· The Lookers: you will not believe this. Many people visit forums and will never make a post. They enjoy just hanging out to have fun. No more, no less. This is not where to belong if you want the forum to be your income goldmine.

· The Help Seekers: most new members are in this group. They are desperate to find solution to their problems. They are the meal that the experts feed on. Without these people, the experts will have no chance of rendering any useful service. Do not stay long in this category if you new. Develop yourself over time to become and expert who can be depended on by others.

· The Smart Guys: They are the ones who openly give brilliant ideas and suggestions to people's problems but also have at the back of their minds the intent to profit from the needs of others. They make a good living through service they render to others.

· The Jesters: some people make fun of others and turn other people's post into subject of comedy. That's what make them happy. Laugh over their posts if you could but never lose your focus of making money as a member of any forum you join.

How To Profit From Forum Membership And Laugh To The Bank

There are some posts which attract huge participation. You will pay attention to those which generate profuse thank you remark from forum citizens. You can benefit from this discovery by finding a way to modify the topic to attract other participants, do more research on the topic and create and e-book with the information gathered. Get back to the forum to announce your solution to them calling those interested to contact you privately using your signature contact. Once they give you their email address, you can easily make repeated contact until you sell to them.

Turning Your Knowledge Into Profitable Pastime

You should not depend on the experts perpetually. You too should become one someday. Find out from the forum the most frequently asked questions. Those who asked such questions are desperate for solutions. Position yourself to be the problem solver. The secret is that those asking these questions represent a larger group of people who need the same solution though they have not asked. For example, most newbies want to know how to start earning money and affiliate programs are often suggested. Most affiliate programs never deliver on their promises. If you can get creditable affiliate programs to help these groups of people, they will rush your product and trust you perpetually as their problem solver. Once they buy from you once, be sure they will come back again to buy other products you have to offer anytime in the future.

Forming Profitable Alliance With The Smart 'Guys'

Forums gives you the greatest advantage of forming alliance with experts on a particular niche. You can leverage on the knowledge, contacts, resources and experience of other experts in the forum. Imagine becoming a joint venture partner with great internet marketers like Jimmy D. Brown, Yanik Silver, Kunle Olomofe, Mike Filsaime, Willie Crawford etc.

Forum Cash Cow Technique

When you join any forum, create a product from the needs of others, make the product your signature. By so doing, you gain free advertisement. You can also offer special offers to forum members by giving discount or significant price slash on your products.

Source by Solomon Benard

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