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How to Manage Refunds And All Merchant Accounts From One Central Place and Secure Online Business

How to Manage Refunds And All Merchant Accounts From One Central Place and Secure Online Business

Refunds are always a big headache and the more merchant accounts you have – which you should when you have multiple products – the larger the headache you would experience. Most people maintain separate merchant accounts for different products which though simplifies the matter while asking for reimbursement, it could become a nightmare when manned separately.

The Danger Of Refunds In Merchant Accounts

Merchant accounts are usually quite painful to handle. You need to inform them about what type of product you are setting them up for – if you write one product, say you are selling Barbie dolls and then you sell Teddy bears your account might be frozen for inaccuracy. If you sell more than your business plan projects, your bank would freeze your account. Another way you could get into trouble with your merchant account is when you get too many refunds requests.

The charge backs would usually occur when the buyer reimburses the bill with the credit card provider. Many people try to avoid this problem by providing no question-asked refunds. When you have too many charge backs, the processing bank would shut you down. In most cases you will have to pay huge fines for each chargeback request ranging from $ 20 to even $ 50 or more. This can easily get you a huge bill and you would experience a great loss of your online income. The moment you are shut down due to account problems you would be literally untouchable in the world of merchant processors and your business would be as good as dead.

The more products you have, if they are separate in nature, the more payment processing accounts you would need. The more you would have the more troublesome it would be for you to man all of them and keep them in perfect books. The success of our business often depends on how well you manage your payment processor account – more than the sales, the refund management is important.

The Benefit Of Controlling Refunds From One Central Place

How do you manage multiple merchant accounts from one central point? Is that possible at all? The good news is that it is possible – very much possible. There are solutions that allow you sell your products online just through one shopping cart or interface and manage all your payment accounts in one place. Let's say you sell products online and one day would like to receive funds to your Paypal account, while another day you would like to have some funds debited to your account. It takes just a few clicks to change the merchant account and all the funds goes straight to another one.

By having such control of your payment accounts, you can:

1) Manage your money and sales profits that go to specific merchant accounts

2) You do not need to do any hard work changing processing accounts on your website shopping cart

3) In case one account is 'frozen' for some reason, another takes all the sales and work

4) Your online business is much more protected from in case of merchant account suspension.

This way you can easily change your payment processing from one to another and you do not loose any of your customers. All you have to do is search for excellent programs such as Click2Sell.EU and then you are on a totally different trip. Networks such as these allows you to sell all your products online and puts you in complete control of your merchant accounts with the least of trouble. Gone would be the requirements to juggle through a myriad of payment processing accounts and keep tab on each one of them – all you would have to do is man them through one central location. Easy as 1-2-3 and you would see your business soaring into profits you would have never thought possible.

Source by Egidijus Andreika

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