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How to Monetize a Low Cost Web Design – Use Proven Services and Means to Serve Secondary Objectives

How to Monetize a Low Cost Web Design – Use Proven Services and Means to Serve Secondary Objectives

Betty, (if you do not know who she is, we suggest you look up prior publications by the same author) has also heard this buzz word of blogging to make money, AdSense, and came across various sources of potential revenue on the internet. Betty is under no illusion on this matter and has come across some annoying ad infested sites.

While there are many site owners who develop and launch sites purely for the purpose of hosting banner or text ads, the most common appearance, is finding image and text ads on working web sites. Regrettably some sites look like a graveyard of signposts blinking and inviting the visitor inside. Have you followed a link to get to the source of the desired information, only to land on a page surrounded with ads. The only suggestion of the information you are after, is a single heading with no body. Betty has also found this annoying.

When you have achieved good search engine ranking it comes a viable option to consider image and text ads on your web site. Considering CPC appears to have added ranking value in the eyes of Google. Most smart ads are able to detect the content of a particular web page and display an ad according to certain keywords found on the page. These types of ads are found on web pages, blog, articles, Facebook, YouTube, in fact there is no corner or electronic page that does not host some or other kind of advertisement.

Betty intends calling on all their suppliers and offering them an advertising spot at a nominal fee. Although this is not commonplace, it is found on business web designs that wish to target geographic area and aim to serve a particular localized region. Many small contractors are found in this category of small business.

Betty has also come across websites that offer free advertising to Community services, like animal shelters, displaced minor children and similar organizations. How does this fit the monetization strategy? Displaying this type of free ad does provide PR juice and helps to build a positive public image and also serves to help those in need and make others aware of the plight of the less fortunate. Betty is of the opinion that their low cost website design needs to take these aspects in account.

Further monetization benefit not often explored, are providing free advertising to regional or community events such as schools, churches and agricultural events. Again the benefit is long term and adds indirect value to the web design. Job listings focusing on particular areas and skills are also effective ways to build PR and residual income.

Do you possess any particular skills, knowledge or expertise? Convert this into an eBook that can be sold at a nominal fee on your website. Most products at ClickBank are in fact downloadable e-products.

Monetization Goals

Betty has taken a close look at all the options, from text ads, banner ads, and surveys and realizes that its desired success lies in generating web traffic and achieving targeted traffic.

What has also dawned on her is the important aspect of choosing the right design with the ability and feature to manage and execute these dynamic and changing features instantly and effectively. It would serve no purpose if it will cost her more to accommodate and host these features if it is going to cost more than the potential income.


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