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How to Nurture Customer Emotions To Hike Sales of Online Stores

How to Nurture Customer Emotions To Hike Sales of Online Stores

Digital marketing is one of the major aspects that helps online eCommerce stores get enough customers at the end of the day. Considering it minutely, it became obvious that most marketing tactics are based on what plays on the minds of customers. Online marketers perceive and nurture the emotions of customers while they buy from an online store to successfully boost up their sales. Shoppers essentially have some mental triggers that drive them to purchase a good. So, to understand their target buyers, eCommerce store owners need to understand what are those triggers and act upon them while they develop store. The growing prominence of eCommerce due to most retail businesses getting inspired to have an online counterpart gave way to many platforms for the easy, swift and downright development of online stores. However, here are the key emotional triggers that every e-retailers need to contemplate while crafting their store to assure great sales.

Using models that customers can identify with

While you are selling anything online, one quickest and effective way to connect with the customers is showing the stuff that they can easily relate to. For instance, retailers can integrate stories with every product listing which resembles real-life experiences of users of the products. Further, every element of the store, right from fonts, banners, background styles, colours, contributes to the brand image of the stores. Hence, creating a personality of the store that is cohesive and which buyers can connect to, is essentially needed.


It is a proven concept that people like novelty and so anything unique or unfamiliar can instigate or motivate the buyers. For e-retailers, to grab more eyes and induce them to buy, offer new products or just offer them with new tweaks and rebrand them with witty tags, stories or features enhancement.

Notion that “Things won’t last long”

Recounting the principle of scarcity can strike rightly when a retailer wants some products to sell exceptionally well. According to the principal, people perceive that a product is scarce as it is good and more people are getting it. Thus, in any eCommerce store, installing plugins to display certain products with tags like “Limited Offer”, “Buy before stock runs out”, “Limited edition item”, “Exclusive at our store” works fine to get the attention and craze from buyers.

Displaying what other buyers got

People often woo at certain items when they see someone else getting them and salute their unique taste because they probably feel a random connection/agrees with the other person over that one taste of purchase. eCommerce sites can play off this concept well by showing off alike products that a customer is searching for and are already bought by many others.

Timers to Boost Limited edition selling

One great way to boost sales in eCommerce is hitting the right chords during holidays and peak seasons with timers. Displaying timers with a countdown ending in few days always infuse a feeling of urgency for the products in buyers. In fact, racing to get a product before the countdown expires give them some thrill and augment sales.

Creating a strong relationship with the customers is critical to drive sales and that’s how top brands thrive in the market outshining their competitors. Thus, these above triggers can really help online stores to get their customers hooked up longer and boost sales overnight by playing off well with their emotions. The only thing retailers need to take care is pitching in with the right eCommerce platform like Magento or Shopify which can help in integrating the above aspects well into the sites.


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