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How to Optimize and Promote Your Website to Get More Targeted Visitors

How to Optimize and Promote Your Website to Get More Targeted Visitors

Search Engine Optimization tactics can actually help us to get web directories and search engines list and index our web pages that can provide much better search engines ranking and positioning to let visitors, customers or anyone find our website easily. Eventually, the higher ranking you are in the search engines portal and web directories the better possibility you’ll have the chances to do more business through the internet.

In order to be friendly with all major search engines, I would like to provide some of the below simple steps to show you how to optimize your website:

Step 1: Edit or Modify the contents on all your web pages to be fully optimized.

Step 2: Add META tags – You will need to include or edit your web pages if you have not done it yet for Meta tags, Title tags, H1 tags, H2 tags and ALT tags for all images on the web page when you have done the keywords research that are related for your website.

Step 3: Website Submission to build link – Inbound links: You will need to submit your website to at least 100 web directories and 80 search engines portals, by doing so, you will be able to get multiple sources of traffics drive to your website. You can use free submission service from “Submit Express” to make your submissions but is better you upgrade to their premium service that can actually lets you do the submission to more than 1000 directories and search engines. You may try out their free program before making the upgrade decision.

Step 4: Build Reciprocal links – Do an exchange with other websites that are related to your website contents. This includes find out all competitor websites which have good ranking and analyze where they have placed their links. After that, make sure you also placed your link there.

Step 5: Maintenance Routine

  • Practice to check the report for improving your search engines ranking on a regular basis, if necessary, do a website re-optimization and resubmission based on client report and feedback, perform website statistics monitoring and conversion tracking, you may use Google Analytics if have no clue about where to get a monitoring system.
  • Besides using the free web monitoring services from the web, there are offline web statistic and monitoring tools that you can also use them to optimize your website but while you are optimizing your website for maximum conversion, of course you will need to let peoples know about your website appearance.
  • For instant, I would put my domain name on all my business cards, stationery, have a printed sign on my car, use bumper stickers or have T-shirts and coffee mugs stamped with the website address of mine. Just because of getting the most out of the website promotions, I would do everything else to advertise my website from the offline methods as i mentioned before. Eventually, I will just called this method as an offline optimization tactics that you can follow to apply for your website too.
  • If for online method, you must fully make use keywords optimization to your web pages for attracting targeted customers that are interested on your website contents and furthermore, gets you a good search engine rankings positioning and for offline method, you just can advertise your URL to the public with the promotional tactics I mentioned above to get peoples visiting your website.

In conclusion, to make your website optimization standing out from the crowd, both the online and offline methods are ideal to apply.


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