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How to Plan a Quinceanera Or Fifteen?

How to Plan a Quinceanera Or Fifteen?

Are you planning a Quinceanera but do not know where to start? You are not alone, a lot of young Latinas are wanting to celebrate their Quince años by throwing a quinceanera party but they do not know where to start.

At first the planning will seem overwhelming so you have start slow slow and then start making some big decisions. The biggest mistake that families make it that they start to make promises without deciding on a budget. So the parents of the Quinceanera should start saving or at least give a realistic budget to work with. This will set the perimeter of how big the event will be.

Once you have a budget in mind then start to consider how many people you are planning to invite. You do this at the beginning of your planning because you want to know what hall to rent out so you make sure the place has the capacity to hold your guests. Side note, always expect more than the people you invite, if you know 100 people will attend, expect 120 because of friends of guests that will be attending.

Next decide on what you will do about food. Catering is always more expensive but it is always the way to go because the caterer will setup and tear down and clean. You do not want to have to clean the mess after your own party. Make sure you send out invitation early and get as many people to RSVP to give you a better head count. Keep in mind that not every person you invite will attend.

Always get padrinos or families to sponsor a part of your Quinceanera. You do this and not only will families come to your party, but they will pay for a portion of it. Assign individuals to give you the special gifts that are given at a Quince. Gifts like the doll, ring, necklace, pillow, bible, crown or other gifts you may receive.

Planning for your Quince is a lot of work but well worth it if you do it right. You can save a lot of money by trimming away on the extra activities and focus on what you really want your guests to walk away with. Remember to involve as many people as you can and make sure they follow through with their responsibilities the day of your fifteen.

Source by Fabian Ramirez

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