How to PLAN Your ART CAREER ✿ Art Business Planning in Notion

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Art business planning can be incredibly intimidating and scary, it’s not easy taking that leap and working toward your dream!

Setting goals and planning your art career when you’re working towards taking your business full time can take a lot of work, but it’s fairly straightforward: focus on marketing your art, building your income streams, etc.

In this video, I’ll take you behind the scenes into my Notion workspace as I plan the future of my art business trying to figure out how to turn my early success into a sustainable career that lasts over time!

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  1. Angela Cross says

    Thanks for sharing the process. It's one of those things that there really isn't enough information on and there can't be too much information. 🎨💕

  2. ThaumaturgyArts says

    It's so amazing to see you completely knocking everything out of the park time after time! You're a huge inspiration, thank you for making this content <3

  3. Soumyadip Banerjee says


  4. Ivy Cooper says

    I will start my art business while I’m working next year and have to find funding

  5. Alin Bolcas says

    You're so awesome! Thanks for sharing all this and your personal journey, is really inspiring 🙂

  6. The Craft-E Studio says

    This is a really helpful video. I have now entered the world of Notion and you have made the overwhelmingly foggy path of becoming a full-time artist so clear. I will be binging all your videos and eating up all the information! I loved how this video was directional and narrows down the big picture. Do you have any videos that go into how you make the task/goal decisions? I started my quarterly plan in Notion but I find myself adding a dozen or more tasks/goals in a quarter.

  7. Hanna says

    Yay you''re way ahead of your goal! 😍 And now you have yet another subscriber 💕

  8. myclappingfeet_melly says

    This is so useful! Thank you!

  9. Katherine Tineo says

    Thank you for this content! I've been thinking about starting an art career on and off for years. I'm starting to slowly convince myself to take the plunge and start a channel. As an introvert tho, it makes me anxious 😭 Anyway, your content is so helpful. I've been binging them for a few days now, lol

  10. Matthew Weimer says

    Thank you Kelsey for sharing your journey. I'm getting started with my art career and it can be intimidating. Your channel shows how we're all in the trenches together. Happy Creating!

  11. Connor Egan says

    Well done on 100K – Very cool to be watching you write these goals and have achieved them by August!

  12. ZEBO says

    Great Content! Excited to see more ✊🏾💛

  13. Julia Bamboolia ASMR says

    This is so good to see in action! Dividing the year up into quarters with achievable goals seems so much more manageable than conceptualizing an overarching goal across 1 long year. I hope you have a safe and smooth move to California! That's gonna be such a huge change from Alaska, Minnesota, or NYC in weather alone, hahaha 😆

  14. Daiana de Jesus da Rosa says

    i looove how organized you are. And the growth you've achieved is amazing. Congrats!

  15. Retro Mama says

    Super helpful, thank you so much!!

    I've been trying to figure out what I should focus on and it's SO overwhelming. This was a great way to break things down, and I love the self-reflection aspect to revisit and revise goals as necessary 🙂

  16. Pattern and Craft says

    Might be easier to implement 1 day off, then 2, then 3, rather than jump straight from working 7 days a week to 4. Also do you plan to keep a regular schedule like Monday to Thursday work, Friday/Saturday/Sunday off? Or be flexible about which days you take off each week? Like it might be the weekend one week and Tuesday Wednesday and Friday the next? Just curious.

  17. mirian cristina says

    Tattoo artist here, really inspired to follow those tips

  18. DinoPony says

    Why did you choose to move to an expensive state with high taxes when the majority of your business is online, and can be done effectively anywhere?

  19. dylanagoblin says

    I've been wanting to take my art more seriously and increase my shop's revenue. Coming across this video has really helped thank you so much! Good luck with your goals I know you can reach them!

  20. EarlysArtProjects says

    Just discovered your channel and I love your upbeat ethusiasm, high motivation and drive. It is very uplifting and great. Keep it up and love your videos.

  21. DeevToons says

    I absolutely love your system! As an artist with adhd game plans are so important to my life but also so hard to maintain all at the same time. seeing your notion however makes it look so much more simple than what i would set up in mine lol. thank you for being so open with your strategies and situations!

  22. marlana.bright says

    it's so cool to see you uploaded this video one month ago, and since then, your subscriber goal for the 4th quarter of the year has already been exceeded. you're a rockstar.

  23. marlana.bright says

    Um. Two days on Notion and my life is starting to make sense. LOL. Thank you for this, Kelsey.
    You're dropping golden nuggets on your way up to the top.

  24. Gabriela says

    Hey Kelsey! In the future could u do a tour for all your notion? And how you organize your artistic life in notion? I'm going start freelancing next month and I'm a mess organizing stuff, yours would be an amazing inspiration ❤️

  25. strawdoll says

    I love how you show us how you add and change stuff along with your thought process! I snagged your templates and I'm really inspired by your videos!

  26. Ari C says

    thank you so much fo sharing your thought process & planning approach. you are an inspiration! 🙂 <3

  27. LuLu says

    Thank you so much for sharing this! I recently found your channel and you’ve been a huge inspiration.

  28. Gemyni says

    I just found you this morning and I absolutely love your energy!! I’m a singer who also really loves art/fashion and wanna break myself out of the box I’ve put myself in to make all of that my full-time career. Your videos are super helpful & motivating. When I saw you set the goal to reach 50k by August and see that you’re at 51k now, in June, I was like “ahhhh you crushed it!!!” I really like your mindset on goals as well, how you reframe them, move them if they aren’t met right away without trouble (I struggle with beating myself up abt it), so thank you! Keep being awesome 🙂

  29. Mattandjohnny says

    What are you using as a planner?

  30. CosmicCreations says

    Well your stuff is super helpful and sets realistic expectations for an art career. I hope you make that 100K I will definitely be subbing!

  31. Ashley Vance says

    do you have or could you do any broad introduction to Notion videos? i’m really interested but really intimidated by it!

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