How To Present Your Business Plan


How Can You Present Your Business Plan With Impact? If You’re Ready To Grab Your Audience’s Attention For Your Business Plan Presentation, Click Here To Discover The “TOP 10 Attention Grabbers”:

In this video, Ben A. Ratje will share with you 7 tips on how to present your business plan with impact. Most business plan presenters focus too little on their presentation delivery, even though it can make or break their presentation. Learn 7 tips to win over your audience and get the approval for your business plan.


Ben A. Ratje is the author of the two-times award-winning Edge Presentation, Edge Innovation and the bestselling Presentation Latte.

He is the CEO and chief trainer of INFLUENCE7, a corporate training firm founded in 2005. A total of 150+ organizations, including 49 of the FORTUNE Global 500 companies have taken INFLUENCE7’s training in the areas of business presentation skills, public speaking, storytelling, productivity, team building and cross culture.

Clients have included Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Nike, Siemens, Daimler, Samsung, Bayer, HP, Sanofi, LG, Audi, Medtronic, Lacoste, SK, L’Oreal and many more. Thousands of participants from over 42 countries have taken Ben’s training programs.

An international, serial entrepreneur, he was also a TEDx speaker. Ben is originally from a small town in Germany, used to live in Canada and lives in Seoul, South Korea (since 2005) with his wife and son.

If you want the no b.s. way to mastering business presentations, public speaking and productivity, then learn from Ben. Subscribe to his channel now.


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This video is about How To Present Your Business Plan

  1. @barbaramccoy1185 says

    Thank you so much my business plan might be a bit more difficult because its a non-profit – and many people aren't interested, however, I the passion #6 and know that I don't data overload is helpful. thank you

  2. @user-mf3js9jf1z says

    Today is November 24, 2023 We have a business defense next year (2024), January to be exact I’ll comeback here after we finish it.

  3. @jhanellegabani459 says

    im watching this because tomorrow is our presentation of business plan presentation and im so nervous 😭😭 that why im watching how to present our business plan😅😅

  4. @roshan5959 says

    Good information

  5. @romagoyal5995 says

    Thank you sir….. tomorrow is my presentation and ur video is enough helpful fr me😌

  6. @oehlhof1019 says

    Thank you for this. Do you have an example video that you could share of a person doing an actual presentation that meets your criteria?

  7. @pragneshbamanya5079 says

    thank you so much 💓 I needed it for my presentation on 12th December.
    after this, I think I can present myself and project better.

  8. @manpritsingh7772 says

    Wowsome suggestions too the point and easy to understand and implement. l

  9. @QuizMaster950 says

    Nice points which you shared

  10. @janlewandowski67 says

    Good Video thanks

  11. @tishabhayana7635 says

    7 tips-
    1. Focus on your audience first
    2. Speak their language
    3. Lead with your main message
    4. Balance your stories with facts
    5. Keep your slides simple but not too simple
    6. Present with passion
    7. Have a confident body language

  12. @normanbataille8865 says

    it is great to have these tips from someone walking the talk!!!Thanks

  13. @saviginu5100 says

    I watch this video not for presentation but also for my AAT examination, I have to write a business plan for the text so I came here to get an idea, I think this will be useful for me

  14. @lee41493 says

    Great thank you

  15. @jey203vestigemarketing6 says

    Realy good 👍

  16. @truestorytellers1958 says

    so amazing tips

  17. @sunnychopra3918 says

    Earned a subscriber, nice points

  18. @mzilikazimashobane5543 says

    I just stumbled on this… I love it!! I'm using all of the tips. Thank you very much.

  19. @CoconutKine says

    Thank you for the video ! About to do a presentation in 6 weeks 😮‍💨 these are really helpful tips.

  20. @potnisabhay1 says

    Well said 👏👏🙏

  21. @avigyanpaul835 says

    That's really some good points to remember while presenting our business plans, or most importantly our IDEAS….

  22. @jyotsifatkaur says

    Incredible! It's the best video for last-minute tips to prepare for your B-Plan presentation! Thanks for this one!✌🏻

  23. @mr.papazzeria126 says


  24. @MuhammadBilal-fb4yr says

    what i say in my presentation in conclusion of busniss plan

  25. @nhutlyphanthi5080 says

    Very useful

  26. @nandinin4666 says

    Sir i have one small doubt does bussiness plan means u should already have company u r presenting it or
    U have just an idea but not implemented

  27. @zarifjonazimov8754 says

    Thank youu sir)
    i have to present my presentation after 3 days and only know i started ((
    btw im a student in BE

  28. @Nana-fb4zv says

    This is awesome. thank you for the tips!

  29. @lucylacson3695 says

    thanks, you helped me with my project haha

  30. @kellybakumo5273 says

    The best ❤️

  31. @aayess3863 says

    Your whole video is such a good example of excellent presentation 😄

  32. @mwalimuobubatv5695 says

    Thank you from Kenya

  33. @nityabagga8387 says

    Really! It was just commendable
    Thank you sir!

  34. @TeeReads2023 says

    Thank you for the All the Great Tips! I am utilizing them All especially my Passion for my purpose.

  35. @payalpatel8658 says

    Great points!

  36. @nardmadie says

    I am a newbie here, i am an instructor of entrepreneurship, we just have talk about business plan, i use your video as my tools on how to present your business plan..

    I'm expecting more about entrepreneurship From this channel.



  38. @aruwahadari354 says

    Did u mean I should ask them question?

  39. @aruwahadari354 says

    Good work sir, but how can I know what my audience the want?

  40. @TinoHansLionsDen says

    Thank you for this video, please can I get your email for consultation? . Thanks

  41. @tanyabattie3193 says

    I enjoyed your video and tips. Thank U

  42. @bansalsand says

    Super ideas. Thanks ❤❤

  43. @harshavardhanrajuk1768 says

    A great presening of vedio
    About the presentation sir😄😄
    Love from INDIA

  44. @xwxo says

    me, looking at my "steve jobs"-like presentation…. TIME TO WORK 😀

  45. @andreanwachukwu9326 says

    Involving my audience, and presenting with confidence. Thank you❤

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