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How to Read Much Better and Faster?

How to Read Much Better and Faster?

Reading better and faster is a skill and in order to master it, a little perseverance is required. Reading better is helpful for everyone, whether a school student or a working professional. Throughout your life, you will find various materials to be read and if you have never done any research on how to read better, then perhaps you might assume that there is no way you can read better and faster as it is fixed. But that’s a wrong notion. Knowing how to read better comes with a number of advantages. First of all, you can read more in less time. This will indirectly increase your vocabulary, more concentration and better communication skills.

The best part of learning how to read better is that it does not take much time to acquire this skill, only set aside ten minutes each day to practice certain techniques and you will excel in no time. In order to survive in this age of competition, people should focus on how to read better or else reading without comprehension will be useless and bring along several problems in their life. So it is high time to improve your reading proficiency by implementing certain concepts. Start with some topic which interests you, such as topics on the newspaper or magazines. This way you will learn something new and also learning will be healthier and fun. Highlight the important sections where your information resides in. This way only the parts which need attention will be consumed.

Most people read in a haphazard process. They do not consider the natural course when your eyes seem to move smoothly over the lines of type from left to right. But the truth is that your eye stops to register one or two words, jerks to the right and then continue the process until you read the entire line. Though we read with the eyes, they are only a camera which photographs images for the mind to translate. So the eyes should be trained to record faster and swiftly. Get your purpose fixed, with this both comprehension and retention are sharpened. Maintain certain techniques, to help you read better every time. Firstly, eliminate the bad habit of vocalization as it slows down reading speed. Here the reader pronounces the words out loud when he reads through them.

This way you will stop moving your lips along with the text and you’ll know how to read better and also increase focus. Secondly, rather than reading separately, reader should contemplate on analyzing blocks of words as it reduces time and increases speed. Another dreadful habit is of re-reading the word or text. This back-skipping disturbs your eye and disrupts the flow of reading. Thus, try reading for once and choose an environment free from unwanted distractions. Thirdly, to keep a constant pace, adopt fast practice reading. Using your finger, navigator or pointer avoids rushing through the important sections. The following methods can help.

  • To regularize the eye movement, use your hand on the text and move it down as you read. The hand also serves in sweep method, working as a single unit avoiding problem in comprehension.
  • Another option can be, index cards covering the text below the reading position. This will prevent you from re-reading the text involuntarily.

Fourthly, certain online programs are meant to teach you how to read better. These downloaded or purchased programs will give you effective tips for better reading.

The above tips are a sure shot success and will motivate you to achieve the desired results. Remember that it is never too late. Although the methods do not provide overnight miracles, but practicing on a regular basis definitely teaches you how to read better and achieve your reading goals.


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