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How to Remove the Hairs on the Underarms

How to Remove the Hairs on the Underarms

Both men and women are engaging in hair removal activities nowadays. While it’s quite easy to use just any conventional wax or disposable razor, what are your options if you want to trim or completely remove the unwanted hair on your underarms?

A closer look at razors

If you come from the older generation (at least the seventies or eighties) you would probably know of conventional straight razors, such as those used by barbers. A very skilled person can use a straight razor to remove unwanted hairs in just about any part of the body (except maybe the genital area). But since not everyone is skilled in holding a type of razor that was once called a “cutthroat razor”, let’s see what the market has to offer us.

Products like the Philip’s Men’s Bodygroom are especially good choices if you’re searching for portability. Non-electrical razors such as this model were built to be used alongside length guards. Length guards make sure that your close shave results in even lengths across the skin. And you can use it on either wet skin or dry skin. Try specialized and fragrant creams, as well. It doesn’t hurt to add a scent to you underarms before and after shaving.

For the ladies

Shaving is a bit more problematic for women. The most common concern is the darkening of the underarms. Is this myth or fact? It’s actually a fact, but the darkening takes place only in select individuals. The darkening can either be caused by a reaction of the skin to the razor activity or it might have been caused by the new hairs that grow after shaving. Usually, the new hairs that grow after shaving the underarms look thicker and more masculine than before.

To eliminate this problem, perhaps it’s more apt to use waxing implements to remove the unwanted hairs. But be careful; whether you plan to concoct your own hot waxing mixture or otherwise, waxing your underarms can be extremely uncomfortable. Being waxed for the first time is like being whipped by a leather whip: it’s quick but intensely painful.

This is because the hot wax tends to attach and harden on the skin. Commercial hot waxing brands do this by making use of hardeners or resins such as guar gum. While it appears more convenient to have something that actually adheres and hardens on the surface of the skin, trapping the unwanted hairs, it’s actually more painful this way.

Cold waxing

If you’re discouraged because of the aforementioned facts, perhaps you would be more interested in making use of cold wax mixtures. Cold wax mixtures are less painful, because they only trap the hairs. The big downside to the cold waxing approach is that it’s less effective in trapping the offending hairs.

Because of this, you have to repeatedly cold wax your underarms until the desired effect is achieved. The good thing about this is you can have fun choosing what other parts of the body you want waxed. Col wax strips come in a variety of sizes and forms; you can have a general ‘cold waxing day’ and wax your arms and legs, too.


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