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How to Sell Music on Your Website

How to Sell Music on Your Website

I have found in my research that many new website owners whose primary objective is to sale MUSIC CDs, MP3 DOWNLOADS, PROMOTE NEW ARTIST RELEASE, and to provide a variety of other MUSIC SERVICES on their website, find it hard to position themselves to generate any sales of significant. Sure, it definitely can become very frustrating when each day goes by and you don’t see any Cd or New Artist Release sales, or no sales calculation of Mp3 Downloads. So what do you do?

There are several options to take in order to better position yourself to sell music on your website. I will provide two of great importance.


Write an article based on your website topic. If your topic is, then write an article called, “How People Buy Music Cds Online”. At the bottom of our article, include a link to our website (

Go visit many of the popular article directories on the web, and submit article to those directories. Once they’ve added your article and link to their site, the search engines will visit their website, and then follow all the links on their site. Guess what? One of those links will be a link to your site, and Lo and Behold! You are now indexed by the search engines.

So submit your articles to lots of article directories, and in return, more links we’ll get back to your website, and you’ll start to see more search engines visiting your site. Remember, the more links you get, the faster you’ll get indexed.


Get other websites who are already ranked in major search engines to link to your website. The reason this works is because, search engines find new websites through what is called “Crawling”. If a website that is already indexed in major search engines says “Buy Music Cds, Mp3 Downloads, Lyrics and New Artist Release” here, and their website is link to yours, then guess what? The WebCrawler will not only craw the website that is attached to you, but it will also craw your website too, of which, automatically puts your website in the index.

Make sure that that you only request the websites that are music related to link to yours. If a website doesn’t sell, promote, buy or display Music Cds,

Mp3 Downloads or New Artist Release, you shouldn’t approach them at all, for it would be a waste of time.

Don’t forget to put your URL at the bottom of your article, as I will do mine.


Michael Bell, CEO of Bell Time Records

Source by Michael T Bell

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