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How to Start Your Membership Site by Design

How to Start Your Membership Site by Design

Some people consider a membership site the ultimate Internet business. Most of us want to be on our own, self reliant, making our own decisions while building a successful home based business. One way this is accomplished is through relationships you build with your subscribers and buyers.

Everyone will NOT join your paid membership site because they like FREE. Even if you begin offering a free membership and later convert to a monthly fee it will cause some defection from your list. Don’t fret over the ones who leave, focus on the members who Like, Know and trust you.

Obviously, your goal is to build a reliable monthly income with a large group of folks who look forward to the wisdom and expertise you share. It’s imperative that you give back real value every month or your paid members will leave too. Visit other membership sites, become a member and learn what these site owners are doing for their members. Learn and do likewise to enhance your own success.

Your members will ask… “what’s in it for me?”… (WIIFM) every time they pay the monthly membership fee it usually triggers this silent question. None of us like to be short-sheeted when spending our hard earned money. Beware that your own expertise will be the key to your membership site.

Most of us like to know you’re looking out for us, finding unique products, special software that we might buy to build our own hobbies, discover Internet expertise, possibly huge discounts you are able to arrange for our savings and benefit.

As your membership family increases it will attract other marketers seeking to JV (Joint Venture) with you to promote their products to your members and share a commission. It’s your responsibility to make sure every product or software has exceptional value for your members or you reject the JV. Money is NOT your driving force, it’s all about VALUE for your members.

Do you like the sound of those ringing bells? New potential members will hear about your expertise and the value focused membership every loves, the knowledge, the research you constantly provide is the driving force that keeps your membership growing by leaps and bounds.

Are you seeing the benefits that drive a membership website? YOU are in the drivers seat, hundreds of members are paying you every month, residual income on steroids. Recently, I read that the popularity of membership sites has increased over 500% in the last few years. Everyone loves a “hot” product notice before it hits the media or the latest new “thing” announcement, an early bird special.

The beauty of a membership site with monthly, or an annual fee allows you to focus your attention on the members rather than recruiting new members every month. Some members will leave for a variety of reasons that you need to expect. However, it’s estimated that 70% or more of your members will stay with you for a long time because they Like, Know and TRUST you.

You may have paying members and Free members within the same site but ONLY the paying members get the FULL package all the time. When you pay a monthly fee it means there’s something special. There’s truth in the old saying… “there’s NO free lunch” and that goes for Internet Marketing, too.

YOU decide, but there’s an exceptional opportunity for Internet Marketers to grow their business income through a paid membership site by design.

Source by Don Monteith

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