How to Strengthen Security and Protection of Your Magenta Ecommerce Store


Whenever we think of a leading Ecommerce platform, the first thing that comes to our mind is Magento. But together with this thought comes another question in our mind about the security of the online store. Security plays a direct role on the success or failure of your website as ecommerce platforms are great targets for hackers and any compromise can lead to major disrupted operations, leaked financial data and also compromised customer information. Website owners must always remain vigilant to keep their online business operating smoothly.

Now the question is how can you enhance the security of your Magento ecommerce website? Maintaining the credibility and reputation of your brand is seriously important and no company can afford to lose it. Here are some tips that you can adopt to fend off those who can potentially harm your site:

Choose a secured hosting service provider:

While selecting a web hosting service provider for your business, ask them about the security that they would offer. You must also check that your hosting provider offers the secured services that specifically your business needs. This is important because you will always get support from a secured service provider and this will also help you to increase your rank in Google.

Unique admin path:

You can change the admin directory to something that is very unique and restrict the access to the admin panel to your IPS. This simple step is usually overlooked by most Magento site owners. When the admin path is exposed to the cyber attackers, it gives them the opportunity to manipulate the login. This also allows them to test common passwords, which people usually reuse.

Use a secured FTP:

There are many hackers who decode the FTP access and then attack the site. To avoid this, you can use a secure password and SFTP. This means using SSH file transfer protocol through which the files can be sent over FTP. You can increase the security with public key authentication. In case this is not possible, you can simply limit the access by narrowing the directories.

Run scans for your website:

To enhance magneto security, it is crucial to scan your website so that it is able to detect any security risks. It Is important to run routine scans and for that you can use online scanning services like ForeGenix, MageReport to scan your site completely. It will send a list of potential issues besides the scanning report to your specified email id.

Use Magento security extensions that are reliable:

Ecommerce websites often have many security risks. But a Magento development company in India can offer some time tested and effective extensions to take care of various kinds of security issue. You can choose some highly rated extensions for blocking security threats, blocking malicious codes, scanning for vulnerabilities, and etc. Some important Magento security extension that can be used are ET IP security, Mega secure, Mega Firewall, Spam Killer and etc. But always run every extension by using an antivirus check.


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