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How To Travel On A Shoestring Budget

How To Travel On A Shoestring Budget

People have an irrepressible yen to travel. We painstakingly save money to wayfare at least once a year. We sweat and slave hard and long to sock away some funds to afford that oasis of reply after all. Naturally, we want to have the best for less. We unfortunately are in constant search for a decent travel package; and we have some comfort requirements that we want to fit into that constricted budget.

With the onslaught of travel websites and online consolidators, searching for a budget travel package has become more of a pain in the neck. Thousand of travel deals are now accessible online that we can book at the click of a mouse. Our task now is to find the best one from a variety of choices that will conform to our budget and points of interest.

Here are some important tips to consider to make your shopping less grueling and more fun:

1. Subscribe to different e-newsletters.

Travel agencies, tour operators, airlines and travel sites have newsletters that are accessible by email where they publish their latest deals.

2. SHOP.

That means, shop literally. Do not stop at one or two websites. Check many travel sites for their special deals.

3. Consider off-season travel.

Ascertain off-season times for travel which can be a lot cheaper than traveling during the peak season. Summer and fall are off-season for Caribbean trips; and so is winter for Europe. It is less expensive to purchase a theme park package within the school year too.

4. Go over your newspaper's travel section.

You can find numerous ads for the best deals in your newspaper's travel section. Call and ask for the expiration of such deals that catch your interest and see if it will correspond to your intended travel times.

5. Book early.

Significant discounts are offered by cruise and tour operators for early bookings. If you have the funds at hand and you are positive about your choice, be a johnny-on-the-spot and book in advance.

6. Take advantage of all possible discounts you can get.

Membership with AAA and other affiliations give out travel discounts. Do not forget the frequent flyer miles that you may have accumulated. If you are a senior, there are a lot of cut-rates available for the taking.

7. Search through travel websites.

Indicate your travel means and needs, and the travel sites will correlate with your requirements. Some of them will even email you when they have deals compatible with what you are looking for. Also inquire for details and information that will help you reach a smart travel decision (eg what days are airfares cheaper? When are companion fares offered? What type of tour package can my budget afford?)


Do not be embarrassed to ask for discounts. Negotiate aggressively for a better price. Be sure to get the most for your money's worth. You do not see each other's faces, anyway. There's nothing to lose and no face to save! Work it out with the travel agent.

When you are traveling and you are not spending extravagantly – when you are sure that your trip is cut-and-dried and economic, you will definitely have a superb time out there.

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