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How to Use Self-Branding to Increase Sales

How to Use Self-Branding to Increase Sales

What is "Self-Branding"?

Self-Branding, also known as "You Inc." is the latest in a series of techniques to differentiate yourself for every other internet marketer on the web. The primary tools used are a landing page (also known as capture page or squeeze page), and video or audio.

The concept is based on the assumption that people will buy from YOU, not an impersonal web site. This is not a new concept, just updated to take advantage of new technologies.

Way back in the seventies, when I first started my sales career, we were taught that in order for a prospect to become a customer, you first needed to demonstrate that you had something of value to offer in exchange for their business. In other words you needed to demonstrate to them that you could solve a problem they might have, convince them you knew enough, or were able to get them in touch with people that knew enough to provide real answers. This established a relationship of trust. The customer knew that you had their best interest at heart, and they knew that they could rely on you.

This is essentially what is done with Self Branding, except you use a landing page and a video, instead of a face to face business meeting.

The idea is that you want to position yourself as an expert in the industry you are promoting. You first need to show your target audience that you have the wear-with-all to help them solve a problem. This could be anything as long as it adds value to the process. The content must have real value. You should be prepared to offer several rounds of value based content prior to asking for their business.

Once you demonstrate that you are an expert and can help them, there is a trust factor that develops. It is only after trust is built that you offer the link to your business opportunity or product. This is similar to what used to be done in the old days. Only then we would do free business surveys or production process evaluations. With internet marketing we need to use a different approach, but the desired output is the same. We want the customer / prospect to know we are there for them and we have a solution to their problem.

If you follow this process then you will be able to attract customers / prospects to YOU, and a certain percentage will take advantage of your business opportunity. You will dramatically increase the number of people that convert from your landing page to your website, from prospect to customer.

Source by Bruce Bennett

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