How to Write a Business Plan Funding Request by Paul Borosky, MBA.


This business plan help video is for small business owners or potential small business owners needing to write a funding request for a business plan. In this video, Quality Business Plan’s owner, Paul Borosky, MBA., Doctoral Candidate, describes specific processes that professional business plan writers use in structuring and writing a professionally developed funding request for your small business.

The specific business plan funding request topics are as follows:

• Small business funding request overview for a business plan.
• Business plan funding request business needs.
• How the business will pay back loan from a business plan funding request.
• How the business will pay back equity investors from a business plan funding request.
• How funds will be spent in the funding request.
• Why funding request is needed.

By following these steps, a business plan writer is able to quickly develop a business plan funding request in one-page. From the structure, the business plan writer can then expand the funding request into subsection in the business plan, if needed.

For more information on a problem statement for a business plan:

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If ya’ll will be raising funds for your business, make sure to check out my new fund raising strategy book on Amazon:


  1. Aggressive Industry's says

    Would it be wise in the business plan an proposal to have a graph set up for the expected annual growth of that business or would that just be a waste of time?

  2. Aggressive Industry's says

    Hey I just want to thank you for taking the time an sharing it's much appreciated it really shows the basic outlines to get people started.
    Thanks mate

  3. Olamide Oladunni says

    Nice video tutorial, I'm getting confused, is funding request the same as grant proposal and…..

    What section do I submit my business plan during the grant application even if the funders do not request for it.

    I have lot more questions

  4. Tshepo Mofokeng says

    Thank you.

  5. Triniti Shonycee says

    Very helpful

  6. Keyser The Red Beard says

    tremendous content Business Plan. I killed the thumbs up on your video. Continue to keep up the solid work.

  7. How To LIFE says

    Great tutorial! I’m new to entrepreneurship and I want to start a midterm rental business for homes for travel nurses, would I have to create a business plan then request funding ? Do I just request it from as many institutions as possible? I can’t find the answer to who it is that I actually send it to, thanks

  8. Lebanese ASMR says

    perfect! i subbed thanks! One question, isnt "buildout" too vague for the funding request? or does it usually suffice. thanks again!

  9. ditah dauda says

    In writing a business plan grant the idea(topic) much more important that the style of writing

  10. Flash Flicks says

    Thanks… Clean and straight to the point

  11. Mutarambirwa Guy Dorian says

    Thank u very much sir

  12. XeniaJane says

    Can this be used for applying for business grants also?


    Thank you!

  14. Magnus Hodge says

    I just received a grant of $58,000 from lutherangrants/org for my business funding.

  15. James Parker says

    Lutherangrants com helped me with a grant of $30,000 to finance my business .

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